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How to Start a Successful Podcast

24th January 2020

Podcast listenership rates continue to grow rapidly each year. And as a business owner, knowing how to build a podcast is top of a to-do list to reach more audience while growing your content marketing.

Starting a podcast isn't something technical or will it cost you a lot of cash. With the right guidance, your podcast will be up and operational. Without much ado, here is how to start a podcast shopify.

What to do before creating a podcast?

The first thing to do when starting a podcast is to identify the theme. Some people find it easy to create a theme while others, particularly those in a unique business niche require creativity. The best theme comes down to what you are passionate or an expert on. You can be lucky to be proficient and passionate about the theme you have identified. Before getting committed to a theme consider doing thorough research on it and ensure there is enough to talk about.

What you require to build a podcast

• Podcast name: The podcast name is what will speak to your listeners. Your audience should know or have a clue on what the podcast is about just from your name. As such, having a descriptive name can be great.

• Podcast category and subcategories: There are several categories and subcategories to choose from. Pick a category or subcategory that perfectly suits your theme.

• Podcast Description: It is important to have a podcast description, especially with relevant keywords to help with the SEO so that more people can get to know your podcast through a simple search.

• Prominent personalities: As your podcast continues to grow, it is ideal to incorporate names of prominent persons you have heard and the subject of your best-rated episodes. By doing so, new listeners can check these episodes, hence turning them into loyal fans.

• Podcast rating: Podcast ratings are important to have as they tell you which audience your content is fit for.

You certainly can't start a podcast without hardware equipment, and high-quality equipment will make a big difference. Here is some of the equipment you will need:

• Microphone: Even though any microphone can work for your podcast recording, a high-quality microphone can take you a long way. The kind of sound that reaches your audience will matter. Low quality is a turn off!

• Computer: A Windows computer or a Mac will work fine if you are looking to record, edit and upload your podcast.

• Audio Editing Software: Real recording and editing will require a Digital Audio Workstation. You can get great options from the market. Nonetheless, licences for some of the tools can be a bit costly.

Other equipment includes an audio interface, portable XLR recorder, and pop filters, which are all optional.

As you can see, you can start a podcast today. To kick-start your podcast adventure, record a short episode. Start by presenting yourself and your podcast theme before diving right into recording more episodes and listening to them for practice. This will familiarise you with the entire process.


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