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How To Use a Beard Straightener to Straighten Your Beards

6th May 2020

Naturally, it’s a common belief that thick, patchy, and trendy beards are out of a man’s reach. But wait. Who said that you cannot make the beards look straight and trendy? Beard straightening has proved to be one of the best beard grooming techniques for beard lovers. This involves using the right heated beard comb and grooming products. So, how do you go about beard straightening? Well, if you are ready to board the beard straightening train, keep reading. Here are proven beard straightening tips that can make you look classy and trendy.

Use Beard Soap

It’s always important to start by cleaning your beard thoroughly. Using a standard bar soap can completely dry out your facial hair. So, consider utilizing beard soap since it’s uniquely designed to provide powerful moisturizing and nourishing effects. They don’t contain any harsh chemicals and will largely complement the natural oils found on your skin.

Avoid Rubbing Vigorously

After cleaning your hair with beard soap, it’s time you dry it. While doing this, you should always avoid rubbing it vigorously. Otherwise, you might end up tangling up the follicles, particularly if you have a longer beard.

Over rubbing your beard can cause severe breakage and pulling your hair could lead to general volume loss. So, just dry it gently.


Keep the Temperature Moderate

If you want a straight beard, blow dryers can be an incredible tool to use. Just be careful not to go too crazy with the heat. You only need to utilize medium heat. When the heat is too low, you may end up sitting there for too long and when it’s too hot, it could only result in complete dryness and brittleness of the beard folic

Once you’ve set it at the right temperature, go ahead and straighten your beard. Start from the roots of the hair follicles going upwards.  Then, place the flat iron close to your skin and slowly move downwards to the tip of the hair follicles.

Don’t stop at one point to straighten or flatten wiry hairs. It could only lead to further damage and warping of the follicle. Continue combing your hair downwards until all the follicles have completely flattened smaller flat iron provides more control as compared to wider plates which are designed for top-of-head use.

Condition with Balm

Are you straightening your facial hair just for a single occasion? Well, you can skip any conditioning product for the day. Nonetheless, if you’re straightening it on a regular basis, you may want to consider moisturizing both your beard and skin with a beard balm.

Beard balm typically contains all the ingredients that beard oils have, including essential and carrier oils. Aside from that, they’re also comprised of butter and beeswax. These products provide a very light to medium hold, hence keeping your beard straight for a longer period of time.

Be gentle with the application and always start from the roots of the hair follicles and make your way to the tips. Avoid applying beard balm before using a blow dryer or flat iron; otherwise, it might lead to unintended consequences.


Beard straightening isn’t rocket science. It entails basics procedures. From cleaning your beards to conditioning with a balm—beard straightening isn’t that complicated. The above tips will help you straighten those beards of yours like a pro.


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