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Investors in Cornwall Are Returning to the Forex Market

16th May 2019

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of scandals involving “forex trading” as an investment opportunity. Those scandals were scaring investors away from the forex market, causing a steady decline in forex investments across Cornwall and nearby counties.

Upon closer inspections, however, those scandals were never really about forex trading. In the case of Susan Benstead, the scam centred around a Ponzi scheme and no real investments. The same can be said for the collapse of Crown Currency.

It is clear that investors are beginning to realise this too because more investors are entering the forex market than ever before. The market offers plenty of opportunities to make money and it is more accessible than ever.

Marks of Reputable Brokers

The return of Cornwall investors to the forex market is, in part, thanks to reputable brokers and their market education campaigns. Some of the names that top InvestinGoal’s list of top brokers in the UK are providing resources to help investors understand the market better.

It starts with making it clear that binary options are not really forex trading. While forex trading relies heavily on understanding the market and performing complex analysis, binary options persuade investors to take a gamble and bet on the market.

Sites like InvestinGoal help too, mainly by providing access to regulated brokers whose services are reliable. Investors are less likely to fall into the trap of engaging a shady broker thanks to objective reviews, user testimonials, and other resources available online.

Online Trading Tools

The shift is also due to the accessibility of the market. There is no need to work with a large brokerage firm or fund management companies just to invest in foreign currency pairs. Brokers like FxPro and Pepperstone have opened their platforms to end-users.

This means investors have complete control over their funds and how they invest their money at all times. Everyone from experienced portfolio managers to stay-at-home moms can open a trading platform, analyse the market, and open positions to earn profits.

Advanced technical indicators, more news sources, and even signals are accessible too. The entire forex market is opening up to new investors and capturing the attention of old investors again. Trading forex and earning profits are now straightforward.

Signals and copy trading are particularly popular among younger, less experienced traders. Thanks to platforms like eToro, it is now possible to copy the trades of professionals on the market automatically. NAGA Trader offers similar facilities and social trading to more users.

Even without automatically copying the positions of professional traders, investors have more resources at their disposal. Larger brokers that offer MetaTrader as their platform of choice also allow users to define custom indicators or trade using scripts and automation.

As an added layer, the market, in general, is more secure. There are risk management strategies that can be implemented to limit losses and manage trading risks. Investors have a choice of leverage levels and trading sizes to choose from.

More to Come

Experts believe that the return of investors in Cornwall to the forex market is only the beginning. A healthy market means there are more opportunities to invest. Low-fee ECN accounts make managing risks and trading straight on the market easier too.

Many brokers have started to offer lower minimum deposit amounts to open the market to smaller investors. You can open a trading account with as little as £100, and then use medium leverage to maximize profit.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority regularly audits top brokers to ensure a level playing field. Since most brokers now offer ECN accounts, there is no reason to worry about them opening positions that go against those of investors on the market.

All of these are great signs of progress. After all, the forex market is still one of the most robust and profitable of the financial markets. Smaller trades and access to ECN accounts are certainly attractive in the eyes of new and existing investors alike.

Staying Safe

If you are looking to invest in forex, there are several things you need to know first, starting with the importance of choosing a good, UK-regulated broker. Fortunately, you have InvestinGoal and its list of top brokers to help you get started.

Next, make sure you invest the amount of money you can afford to invest. Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and there is no point in increasing your exposure to risk for the sake of increasing profits from your trades.

Lastly, make sure you take the time to really learn about the market; it is really not as difficult as you think. Begin learning about technical indicators and fundamentals and you can master the market in no time.

The return of investors to the forex market is a great sign indeed. For more market updates and tips on how to join the excitement, stay tuned right here on Pirate FM!

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