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Is Malaga Still a Popular Destination for Tourists from Cornwall?

7th February 2020

Spain has long been a preferred tourist destination for the people of Britain and, despite the numbers reportedly dropping by 5.6 percent in 2018, more than 2 million people still make the trip each year. Of the many beautiful spots to visit in the country, Malaga has always proven to be popular. 

The Spanish province which includes the popular tourist city of Marbella would appeal to Cornish people in particular, as the two regions share a lot of similarities. For anyone in Cornwall considering a trip abroad this summer, the Spanish southern coastline is a good option. 

One of the main reasons why Marbella appeals to people from Cornwall is the fact that they are both located in a similar spot in their respective countries. Cornwall is a tourist hotspot on the south coast of England, while Malaga is a famous holiday destination at the bottom end of Spain. Both the English county and the Spanish province are used to dealing with high levels of tourism, and this has led to an acceptance of multiculturalism. These honeypots for travellers also tend to attract a wide range of businesses, while they also boast an eclectic mix of restaurants. 

Getting down to Malaga is easy and cheap, and there are numerous offers from time to time with the budget airlines. Indeed, Ryanair has flights from Newquay to Malaga for around £150 return. In addition to the reasonable price of actually getting there, travelling around the city is simple and stress free if you hire a car for the duration of your stay. Holidaymakers can book their transport in advance by using a car hire Malaga website, which allows them to select a pick up and drop off point online without a deposit. 


When visiting the city, there is plenty to doand see. One reason why a lot of British people choose to go to this region on the Costa del Sol is down to the fact that the architecture is so vastly different to the buildings found in the UK. Some stunning spots to visit include the Roman Theatre, the Castillo de Gibralfaro, and the Ataranzas Market. These places are great for relaxing and taking photos. 

In addition to Cornish people choosing to visit Marbella, many residents of the Spanish city travel in the opposite direction each year. As an alternative to flying, there is also a bus service which runs between the two cities. This allows travellers to take in all the scenery on the journey which takes just over two days. Cornwall may appeal to the Spaniards in the same way Malaga appeals to the Brits. 

Despite the fact that the exchange rate from pounds to euros has been slightly worse in recent times, Malaga is still a hugely popular hotpot for tourists from England. People often travel down from Cornwall because of the similarities between the two places, but also for the things that are vastly different. The food and architecture found in Cornwall and Malaga, for instance, are worlds apart. 


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