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January 2020

Darts is No Longer a Man’s Game

29th January 2020

The chairman of PDC, Barry Hearn has helped bring darts back into the limelight over the past decade. He is one of the reasons why women are now allowed to play at the PDC World Championship. The PDC World Championship was previously a male-only competition, but Hearn wanted to change this. His aim is to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance in the game, but he also makes it clear that he’s not willing to go easy on people.

10 Predictions for 2020 - A New Decade in Hospitality

29th January 2020

As we plunge into a new decade, hospitality leaders are sharing their forecast for this industry. The new year brings new challenges and trends, which can make or break your business. Here are top 10 predictions for 2020 in the hospitality industry that you should consider, so you can stay competitive in the sector.

The Partnership That Will Elevate Contact Centre Solutions

29th January 2020

To elevate its market-leading contact centre software, Aspect Software is partnering with Intradiem, a giant in delivering real-time workforce automation solutions. The partnership was announced in October 2019 and has since developed into a fruitful collaboration....

How to Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey

28th January 2020

Although extreme dieting or weight loss is not recommended by most healthcare professionals, it can be beneficial for you to kickstart your weight loss journey so that you feel motivated enough to carry on with a long-term fitness and healthy eating plan. Don’t worry, you won’t have to survive on just air, water and a few veggies either! There are many ways in which you can kickstart your weight loss journey; you just need to find the right method for you.

How to Balance Work and Dating

28th January 2020

With the advent of mobile technology, it has become increasingly difficult to compartmentalise your work and social life. Gone are the days when switching off your computer and heading home meant that all work ceased for the day. Of course, achieving success in one area shouldn’t mean sacrificing the other, however, it is a balancing act and there are a few practical steps that you should consider to help you achieve the perfect balance. After all, studies have shown that people in a thriving relationship not only live longer but earn more money in business and get promoted more frequently.

Reviewing Online Review Sites: How to Get the Best Deals

28th January 2020

Review sites; you can’t escape them. No matter the product or industry, there’s a site that gives you the lowdown on what’s hot, what’s not, and how you can save money. We’ve all heard of TripAdvisor and Trustpilot, but they’re just the tip of a much larger iceberg. Indeed, when you scan the internet, you’ll find almost as many review sites as things you can review

5 Tips for Running A Great Conference

28th January 2020

A conference can be arranged in many situations and to achieve a multitude of things. Although most prevalent in the world of corporate business, there is no set right or wrong when it comes to how you should run a conference. However, there are some guidelines to follow to ensure you run the best conference possible.

How to Keep Your Personal Data Safe Online

28th January 2020

The Internet has made life easier in many respects, but while there are lots of positive things that have been brought about in the digital age, it has also meant people need to look after their personal data more than ever. Here’s how to keep your data safe online when you shop, use social media and browse.

Jack Stephens, the Cornwall lad plying his trade in the Premier League

27th January 2020

Jack Stephens was born and grew up in the Cornish town of Torpoint, a small settlement separated from Plymouth by a tidal estuary on the River Tamar. Torpoint has a population of around 8,000; Stephens now regularly does his job at St Mary's Stadium in front of a crowd around four times that size, with thousands more watching at home....

Your Guide to Retro Gaming in Cornwall

27th January 2020

There appears to be a growing trend of people returning to their much-loved classics. It doesn’t matter whether it’s how they listen to their music, or the games they play for entertainment, nostalgia appears to be the spice of life in 2020.

Top Festivals To Attend In Cornwall This Summer

24th January 2020

Cornwall is less known for its huge festivals, apart from, of course, last year’s most notable cancellation of Boardmasters. Playing to its strengths and riding the tide of the Great British weather, smaller events are popping up across the region to bring a mix of celebration, culture and popular music.

How to Start a Successful Podcast

24th January 2020

Starting a podcast isn't something technical or will it cost you a lot of cash. With the right guidance, your podcast will be up and operational. Without much ado, here is how to start a podcast.

Slot Games for the Music Enthusiast

22nd January 2020

Love music and want to gamble on entertaining slot games? Here are the best musical slot games that will have you gambling and rocking out together

Best Graduate Job Opportunities Near and Far

22nd January 2020

Cornwall is close to some top graduate opportunities including ALDI, Enterprise and the University of Exeter. Find out more in this concise guide.

Preparing your home for your baby

7th January 2020

The unconditional love that a parent will have for their child is like no other and so you want to ensure that you are providing them with everything they need to live a healthy and happy life. To do this, you will need to make lots of preparations and changes to your home so that your home is ready for when you bring your baby home from the hospital.

5 Ways to Arrange a Great Group Getaway

7th January 2020

How can you ensure that your trip is more fun than not, though? Well, you can try and keep any bad vibes away from your getaway during the planning stage. Here’s how to arrange a great group getaway that’ll have you and your friends remain besties by the end of it all.

3 Renovations to Consider in 2020

7th January 2020

2020 is set to be the year of some great trends in home renovations, as homeowners embrace the spirit of home improvement, instead of moving to a new place. If you’re considering a new renovation project for your home this year, read on for some inspiring ideas.

How to care for an Elderly Parent

3rd January 2020

It is normal for people’s health to deteriorate as they age, and your parents may develop certain health conditions that affect their daily lives. Fortunately, there are many ways for you to support your parents as they get older. With this in mind, here are some useful tips on how to care for an elderly parent.

Do You Want A Job That Helps People?

3rd January 2020

Some people find great job satisfaction in a career that makes a lot of money. Others prefer something where they can be promoted often. More still want something that is going to make a difference and help people. If this idea sounds appealing, here are some ideas of the kinds of jobs you could look into:

Bitcoin For Beginners: 5 Radio Shows And Podcasts To Listen To

3rd January 2020

Bitcoin is an exciting thing to get into, but if you’re new to the scene, there are two things you’ll need. The first is the Bitcoin wallet from a trusted company like Luno, to keep your private keys safe; and the second is knowledge. One of the top ways to learn more about Bitcoin is by listening to podcasts and radio shows, so here are five that which are perfect for beginners.


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