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Mastering Your Video Interview: Get that Job from Home

13th May 2020

A video interview can either be exceptionally hard to pull off, or it can be easier than attending a real life, face to face meeting, depending on three primary aspects:

1.      How the interviewee feels about the whole process

2.      How well they are prepared for the video interview

3.      How good their education/experience looks on their CV in respect to the post on offer

It isn’t safe to attend a real-life interview right now, and it may remain unsafe for a few more months. It is quite likely that most companies willing to recruit will be conducting interviews via video calling. The following suggestions for cracking a video interview could prove to be particularly crucial in such scenarios.

Understand that Nothing Beats an Impressive CV

The CV of an applicant always has and always will play the most important role in online and offline interviews alike, because it is a small representation of everything you have achieved as a professional and a student through years of hard work and dedication. When you have years of experience and multiple relevant professional achievements on the record, and/or you have passed out from one of the best universities in the UK, your CV will hold the most weight in all interviews.

Those that do have plans to join a graduation or post graduation degree course soon, should take a look at the list of top universities on Uni Compare first. As of now, Nottingham Trent comes out on top, but they keep updating their list of best universities regularly in accordance with former students’ opinions and the overall academic performances of the respective universities each year. In many ways, your choice of university is where the interview preparation really begins, so be careful with that selection. Make sure that the university is not just well reputed overall, but also has an excellent faculty in the department that you wish to pursue your career goals in.

Get Your Technology in Order

In the absence of the World Wide Web, various software solutions, and the long list of hardware components which we are so reliant on today, the world as we know it would have collapsed on account of the epidemic’s unprecedented, rapid spread throughout the planet. So, respect the importance of technology for your video interview and follow the steps as mentioned below:

·        You should have at least 2-3 separate high-speed internet connections ready and tested, well before the interview

·        Try to use high-speed, no latency, fibre optics cable for the internet connection

·        Your router must be up to the task for routing the bandwidth in high speed

·        The screen should be big enough for you to see everything properly, so smartphones are not recommended, but 10-inch+ tablets will do fine

·        Given that wireless connections are never as reliable as wired connections, it might be a better idea to stick with your laptop/desktop’s webcam

·        Unfortunately, inbuilt webcams are of very poor quality in most laptops, so you should invest in buying a good webcam as well as a decent pair of headsets with a mic

·        Fully charge the device that you will be attending your interview on

·        Make sure that you do not have any programs running in the background that could pop up in the middle of a session

If you managed to check off all the boxes mentioned, your job interview will not suffer from technical glitches, which can absolutely ruin an interview. It’s hard to impress anyone when your voice is coming in with a lag of 5 seconds, and the interviewers are confused about which question you are answering and why it is that you keep beginning to speak right in the middle of their questions! Everybody knows about technical glitches and voice delays in video interviews, but no one ever appreciates it.

That’s also a chance for the interviewee to impress, if they are adequately prepared. After interviewing you through a crystal-clear feed and minimum delays in voice syncing, it is quite probable that you will be the one who had left the most lasting impression. Even with a degree from the best universities in the world, others might not be able to create much of an impression at all due to technical glitches that they had not prepared for in advance.

Test and Practice

We usually feel nervous about things that we are not used to doing, so you will have to start getting comfortable on video calls ahead of the interview. Call up your friends, family and even colleagues for friendly chats and mock interviews. This will serve both with the purpose of familiarisation and of course, that of testing out the equipment.

Testing all equipment is important to not just see if everything is in working order, but it’s also an important step that allows interviewees an opportunity to get more familiar with how each piece of equipment works. You should also learn how to utilise the various features of the video-calling platform to their advantage. The more familiar you grow with your video calling equipment, software and the process itself, the less you will be tensed about having to attend a video interview.

Dress Well and Maintain a Simple Background

One might be attending a video interview from their home, but that doesn’t mean they should be attending it without the formal attire. It may feel silly to sit at home with a suit on, but that will show your prospective employers how serious and professional you are about the job.

There should preferably be a wall without distracting elements in the background, such as a large picture/painting, or any bright source of light. Be sure to inform everyone in advance, so that someone doesn’t end up entering the room accidentally, distracting you from the interview. If you have children at home, keep the door locked during the course of the interview. 

Now that you have managed to read up until this point, you have already gone through all the information that you could possibly need to prepare for an important video interview. By the time you are done with a few practice calls like we discussed, rest assured that your chances of getting the job are going to be much higher than before.

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