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Most Expensive Private Plates in UK History

11th May 2020

Personalised and custom number plates are becoming more fashionable all the time. And some plates sell for more money than the cars they’re attached to are worth! Here’s a look at the five most expensive private number plates ever sold in the UK.

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#5: M1

Multi-millionaire Mike McComb bought the classy M1 number plate in 2006 for a massive £330,000. He didn’t purchase the plate for himself, though. McComb actually bought it for his six-year-old son! Seeing as his son will now be 20 years of age, he should finally be getting some use out of it. So, keep your eyes peeled for a youngster driving a car with the M1 number plate.


#4: 1D

In 2009, Nabil Bishara bought the number plate 1D to put on his wife’s Bentley. The plate cost him £352,411. If pop group One Direction had been around a year before they appeared on The X Factor and signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Record, no doubt a fan of the band or a band member would have bought the 1D plate. If the plate is put up for auction again, expect a bidding war between fans of One Direction.


You may not be able to afford such a pricey number plate yourself. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a personalised plate to suit your tastes or interests. You could find a combination of letters and numbers to signify anything personal to you, such as your name, your wedding anniversary, or your football club. There are millions of personalised number plates available, so you’re sure to find the right one for you.


#3: S1

S1 was the very first number plate to be issued in Scotland. In 1903, it was purchased by one of the first car-owners in the country, Sir John MacDonald. He is famously known as a founding member of the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland, which later became the RAC. The historic number plate remained in the family for over a hundred years. In 2008, the S1 plate was put up for auction. It sold at Bonhams for a staggering £397,500. Apparently, the new owner of the prestigious plate attached it to an old Skoda!


#2: F1

With Formula 1 racing widely known as F1, it’s no surprise that a number plate featuring those two digits sold for an incredible £440,000 in 2008. At the time, it set the record for the most expensive number plate ever sold at auction in the UK. British automotive designer Afzal Kahn purchased the unique plate for his Bugatti Veyron. Although the plate is second on this list of most expensive plates ever sold, it could soon move up to the top spot. Khan already famously turned down £6 million for the F1 plate. But in 2018, he announced it was for sale. However, Khan wants around £12 million for it!


#1: 25 0

In 2014, the most expensive number plate ever sold in the UK went for a whopping £518,480 at auction. Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton previously owned the plate. But that wasn’t the reason for the buyer purchasing it. The number plate, which was simply the numbers 25 0, was bought by classic car enthusiast John Collins. The reason he wanted that specific number plate is simple: he owned a Ferrari 250, so he wanted a plate to match the model. Collins reportedly said he would pay £1 million for the plate if he had to, which makes the half-a-million-pound price tag he paid seem like a bargain!



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