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Musicians Who Have Reinvented Themselves

27th April 2020

The music industry is all about generating a buzz and finding ways to keep fans' attention. While some musicians are known for keeping their signature sound and churning out album after album, others have changed themselves almost beyond recognition over the years, musically and aesthetically. Here are seven of our favourite artists that are known for changing up their styles throughout their music careers.


The Beatles

The Beatles pumped out an outstanding amount of albums in a relatively short amount of time, but what’s even more impressive is how many distinct phases they went through as a band. In their early days, they all looked very well groomed and professional, like many of the pop groups of that era. However, in their later years, The Beatles had turned full psychedelic with large beards, long hair and eccentric outfits. The band essentially reinvented their music and look several times through the years they were together. 


Kenny Rogers

Reinventing yourself is not always about taking on a new persona or radically changing your image. As in the case of Kenny Rogers, sometimes it just means showing that you can approach music in a new way and still please all of your fans. Rogers was exceptionally skilled at mixing different elements of music together to appeal to fans from different backgrounds. From country fans, to pop and easy listening fans, everyone knows Rogers and his music, and the world was heartbroken to hear he had passed recently. Rogers was constantly reinventing himself by expanding his musical repertoire in all directions. 




Kid Rock

While other artists on this list may have just taken a new direction in their music, Kid Rock was famous for completely changing his entire persona several times. During his early days in Detroit, Kid Rock was a true hip hop artist struggling to get his name out. It wasn’t until he changed his character to more of a rap-rock style that he finally broke out into the mainstream. Later in his career, he would reinvent himself again with a new country music approach, complete with guitar strumming duets with country music legend, Sheryl Crow. 


David Bowie

While other artists might just change their style to keep up with the times, Bowie was known for taking it to the extreme. Every one of his albums had a unique sound and direction, and Bowie went through many different phases in his musical journey. Aesthetically, Bowie is legendary for his grandiose outfits, eccentric hair, and his regular adoption of completely new personas. He has inspired many other artists through the years with the way he constantly reinvented himself. 


Lady Gaga

If we’re discussing eccentric artists, we have to mention Lady Gaga. While everyone knows her for her exotic outfits and elaborate stage shows, her early years in music are not as well known. Before the high energy pop star we know today, there was simply Stefani Germanotta, a musician that would perform in small clubs in NYC and sing over her piano playing. Her music was more geared towards soft and heartfelt ballads, instead of the electro beat pop songs that made her famous to millions of people worldwide. Recently in her career, it seems as though she has reinvented herself again, branching out from pop music to try her hand at everything from jazz to country-rock songs.


Taylor Swift

From one pop princess to another, next on the list is Taylor Swift. While she may be world famous for her pop songs, her fans might not recognize the music she first became known for. Before her success with songs like “Shake it Off” and “Look What You Made Me Do”, Swift was singing country songs that were much simpler and true to her Pennsylvania upbringing. She attributed her abrupt change to wanting to branch out musically, and try something that felt new and exciting to her. While she was doing very well as a country artist, since her musical change she has become a mega-star worldwide. 



When it comes to playing dress-up, Madonna really has played many different parts throughout her career. She has been the disco diva, the sweet and innocent pop star, the rebellious rocker, even a spiritual figure of sorts. Her musical tastes have differed widely over the years to match her many personas. No matter how much time has passed, Madonna always finds ways to stay relevant and in the public eye. While many female pop stars have followed her example, Madonna has always done it best. 


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