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Need Help to Kick the Smoking Habit?

10th March 2020

Smoking is not only a health concern, it also is becoming an increasingly expensive habit. If you're trying to stop smoking, whether for financial or health reasons, then there are numerous methods you can try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke and hopefully completely stop altogether. Here are some ways you could wean yourself off.


Have a strong reason for quitting

Aiming for a particular goal that means a lot to you, such as spending more years with your loved ones, provides better motivation for quitting smoking than if you just think about the short-term benefits. When you are tempted to have another cigarette, you can remind yourself of the reason you are trying to quit and it might help you stay on track when you could otherwise be tempted.


Don’t drink if it means you will smoke

A lot of people find that they have less willpower to stay committed to the quitting cause if they have alcohol, as that's when they cave in and let themselves have a cigarette. If you're finding that your weakest moments are when having a drink, then try to stop drinking until you're further down the line, or moderate your drinking if you only get tempted once you have had a few more drinks.


Try nicotine replacements

There are different ways that you can have nicotine without taking in all of the harmful chemicals present in tobacco. Some people try therapy to reduce their tobacco intake, whilst products such as snus gum can offer an alternative way to have nicotine without tobacco. You can even get ice cool mint flavour snus, which is cheaper as well as not smelling as bad as smoking tobacco. Nicotine patches are also a popular and effective way to wean people away from smoking.


Take up a new hobby

If you can make yourself busier with a new hobby that you find somewhat addicting, then you will have a better chance of controlling the cravings. If there is something that you have always fancied having a go at, whether it is some kind of arts and crafts hobby that keeps you focused, or playing a game or sport, having a distraction from smoking will help you to stick to your goals. Even finding a new book or TV series that makes you want to keep reading or watching can serve as a good distraction from smoking.


Avoid smokers

If one of your smoking triggers is having someone else around you smoking, then you need to avoid being around them when they smoke. That can be easier said than done, but it's important to be assertive: you can ask the people close to you to be considerate and not smoke when you are around them. Once you have quit smoking for a fairly long amount of time, you should find it easier to be around people again when they are smoking.


These tips should give you some effective solutions for quitting smoking, but you can also get help from your GP and see whether you can get a prescription that will help you.

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