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Outdoor Crafting Ideas for the Summer Sun

1st August 2019

Once the summer season arrives, the chances are you are more than happy to kick back, relax and enjoy some fun in the sun.

If, however, the idea of sunbathing on a lounger makes you feel more than a little bored, and you want to do embark on an activity that’s more mentally stimulating, you could consider crafting alone or as a family.

If you’re unsure on the best projects to tackle, check out these outdoor crafting ideas for the summer sun.


Paint a Bird Box

Put your creativity to the test and add a burst of fun and colour to your garden by painting a bird box. You’ll need a wooden bird box from a craft specialist such as Homecrafts to get started, as well as some high-quality paints, paintbrushes and a water-based wood stain or spray varnish. It will provide various feathered friends with a place to sleep, and it can inject personality and charm into your outdoor space.


Upcycle Planters

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to invest more time in your garden. If you want to create a brighter space, consider updating your boring planters with a lick of pastel or bold paints. You also could plant fresh seeds, which will ensure your garden is bursting with life and vibrancy.


Build and Sail Pool Noodle Boats

If you have a pond or pool in your garden, you could host a DIY boat race for your kids. Gather the family together to create boats from pool noodles, and you could use a triangle of washi tape to create both the mast and sail. Once the boats are ready, the kids will need to add them into the water and then blow with all their might to help their ship reach the finish line.


Decorate and Fly a Kite

You can count on the UK’s weather to be both sunny and windy during summer, so there is no better place to both decorate and fly a kite. Grab the clan to each decorate a kite that reflects their personality.

All you need to do is purchase a kite-making kit before decorating it with vibrant paints, which could express your mood, hobbies or passions. Once they are ready, visit a local beach or park to fly your vibrant kites as a family.


Make Unique Stepping Stones

Personalised stepping stones can add some fun and character into your garden, which is why it is a superb crafting activity for both adults and children. For example, you could create stepping stones from your children’s handprints or footprints, which will be a treasured memento in your private outdoor space. You also could add tiles, shells or other embellishments into the stones.

To create unique stepping stones for your garden, you’ll need:

  • A stepping stone mould
  • Quick-setting concrete
  • Bucket and paint mixer to mix your concrete
  • Rubber gloves
  • Non-stick cooking spray to line the mould
  • Embellishments (e.g. seashells, marbles, tiles or dried flowers)

It’s a fun activity to enjoy in the outdoors alone or with the kids, and the stepping stones will provide a lovely reminder of a productive summer.

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