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Pamu wireless charging earphones are raising the bar

30th August 2018

Small but pack a punch!

These Bluetooth earphones are packaged well and have a great way of charging – that allows you to carry them around in the case at the same time. 

When you first open the box you are presented with the earphones outside of the charging barrel but simply charge the barrel with the earphones in situ and leave overnight first the first charge.

Pairing is super easy – take the earphones out of the charging barrel and they are automatically in “pairing mode”.  Turn Bluetooth on in the settings of your phone/tablet/pc and it will pick them up pretty much immediately.  No connection codes, just a simple pair and they are connected.

Onto the earphones themselves.  They look fantastic!  When you first look at them outside of the ear you may think they look a little big but once in place, they really aren’t.  Comfortable to wear and with swappable buds, they cater for all canal sizes.

I am yet to have them just “fall out” but then I don’t use them for running or exercise so can’t really comment on that aspect.

In terms of sound I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t think that they would pack so much sound quality inside.  Great bass at the lower ends and a decent mid-range, the quality of audio is very good.  A good volume range as well allows you to fade-out all external noise when tuning into your favourite station / album.

I am yet to go much further than listening for a couple of hours with them at a time, but the battery seems to last quite nicely and if you’re anything like me, you always like to keep things charged and ready to use.

Overall – a great product that look great, fit great and sound very good across all ranges.

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