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Revealed: The Best Places to Live in the UK (and How to Improve Our Spot!)

7th February 2020

Halifax recently revealed their top 50 ranked places to live in the UK based on a recent survey, and the South West of England didn’t fare too well.


Despite being one of the more picturesque parts of the UK, there were no parts of the South West named in the top 20 places to live.


The top 20 places were:


1.      East Hertfordshire               East of England           

2.      Fareham                                 South East       

3.      Hart                                         South East       

4.      Horsham                                South East       

5.      Maldon                                   East of England           

6.      Selby                                        Yorkshire and The Humber     

7.      Hambleton                             Yorkshire and The Humber     

8.      Babergh                                  East of England           

9.      St Edmundsbury                   East of England           

10.  Wokingham                           South East       

11.  Ryedale                                   Yorkshire and The Humber     

12.  South Derbyshire                  East Midlands 

13.  South Cambridgeshire         East of England           

14.  Tonbridge and Malling        South East       

15.  Rugby                                      West Midlands            

16.  Runnymede                            South East       

17.  Wychavon                               West Midlands            

18.  Orkney Islands                       Scotland          

19.  Woking                                    South East       

20.  Warwick                                  West Midlands            

Source: Halifax


 The areas of the South West that made the top 50 were:


Wiltshire (28)

North Dorset (30)

Tewkesbury (32)

Forest of Dean (39)

Swindon (45)


Factors used to decide rankings

With so many parts of the South East of England featuring in the top 20, it is interesting to see the main factors that come into the decision making. Life expectancy is one factor, whilst having good quality schools, high average earnings, good health and happiness are the others.


Happiness has been based on figures produced by the Office of National Statistics in the data collated for national wellbeing. The good news is that average anxiety has improved across the UK, with the South West showing a -4.4% change over the last six years.



ONS data shows happiness in Cornwall has declined

Despite the reduction in anxiety across the UK as a whole, in the last 12 months for Cornwall specifically, life satisfaction and happiness have taken a dip and anxiety has increased by 0.2% between 2017/18 and 2018/19. 


This is obviously a bit of a concern and there is no clear evidence as to why Cornish people, on average, are feeling less happy than they were one year ago. Perhaps authorities in Cornwall need to invest more in the wellbeing of the people living here, but there are also some things that we ourselves can do to help our own happiness and wellbeing. Let's take a look!

Spend more time outdoors

One of the great benefits of living in this part of the country is the beautiful scenery, so make the most of it and go for more walks. Exercising outdoors will give you a wellbeing boost, but even just being outdoors will help your mood. After all, science has time and again concluded that sunlight is good for you on several levels, including mental health.


Embrace spirituality

Doing meditation and yoga are great ways to improve your wellbeing while speaking to a psychic to get psychic readings is another way that you can boost your mood via sharing and introspection. This aspect of spirituality can help to give you clarity in life and leave past troubles behind you. Topics that people tend to discuss with psychics include love, relationships, career, family and home to help improve their wellbeing. 


Improve your diet

What you eat and drink has a big effect on your overall health and wellbeing, so cutting out fatty foods and alcohol can help to make you feel happier overall. Eating mood-boosting foods like most vegetables and lean protein will help to build a lifestyle that works to your advantage - and makes our corner of the country happier.


It is somewhat surprising to see that nowhere in the South West featured in the top 20 places to live in the UK in Halifax’s survey but, hopefully, this will just be a blip and the next ONS data will show an improvement for the people of Cornwall.

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