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Slot Games for the Music Enthusiast

22nd January 2020

Most of us have moved on from those fruit machines and are enjoying online slots with a little more to offer. Progressive jackpots, exciting bonuses and better graphics have left the apples and pears in the fruit bowl and made room for new types of slot games, often referred to as video slots games.


Another reason why slot games have stayed contemporary and a fixture of casinos is because of the different themes on offer. From slot games based on Netflix shows such as Narcos to an endless string of other themes, slot gaming is now tailored to everyone. The selection of different options can be seen by checking out the slot machine variety at PartyCasino.


One of the most played type is music slots based on bands and musicians. The merging of music and casino games is not that unusual, especially considering pop culture has always had a strong influence on gaming. If you are a music enthusiast, here are the slot games you should know more about - so you can gamble and rock out simultaneously.


1.   Guns N’ Roses


If you are a Guns N’ Roses fan then you are in luck because this slot isn't just one of the best music slots, it is one of the best slots of all time. Turn up the volume and enjoy five reels of symbols reflecting the band as well as track-list to the left. You will easily forget you are gambling and think you are at a concert when playing this game.


2.   Lady in Red


Although not exactly based on Chris De Burgh’s famous hit, this slot game is a little more generic but still a great play for those wanting a relaxing music slot game to play. Immerse yourself in some jazz tunes and enjoy five reels of fun, including the possibility of winning up to 25 free spins and lucrative multipliers.


3.   Karaoke Party


Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to start singing to win at Karaoke Party, but nobody is going to judge you if you want to sing along. This slot plays to a generous tune with up to 30 free spins available, wilds and much more.


4.   Jimi Hendrix


NetEnt is charged with creating another of the best slots ever and it is in the name of superstar Jimi Hendrix. Enjoy the guitar and music candy in your ears as you try to win big over five reels. The simpler graphics are forgiven with such a sweet rock soundtrack to make up for it.


5.   Samba Brazil


Make the reels spin and your hips swing with this samba street carnival game. It is a little different from the slot games above because it takes us to a sunny climate with a Latina twist. If you want a burst of colour, fun soundtrack and the chance to win money, this slot game is for you!



These are some of the best, but there are plenty of other great slot games with musical themes available at the best online casinos. Rock on!

Posted by Mark at 3:22pm

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