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The 10 Most Popular Styles of Poker Revealed

24th April 2019

Poker is one of the oldest card games, with many variants that come from all across the world, each with their own story. Most players will have played a few different types of poker in their time at the table, often with similar winning hands and strategies working across the different games. The elements that change most are the deal and the hand, and the role of the dealer.

Whichever poker style you play, the main rule stays the same; don’t lose. Some styles of poker are designed to prevent big betting and make a game last a long time, sometimes days or weeks. Long running poker games were a tradition on the riverboats of the Mississippi, where games could keep boats out for days while players folded and called, until one man had the whole pot. Other styles seem to almost press the player into betting it all on one hand if they think they have an unbeatable combination of cards. Here is a list of ten of the most popular styles of poker being played today, some of which you will know, some will be new to you, and one may be just the game you are looking for to win big at the table.

Texas Hold ‘Em

The poker style that everyone knows, Texas hold ‘em has brought poker playing into the mainstream and made pro-poker players some of the richest sportsmen in the world. Having a two-card hand keeps things simple, and the dealer’s draw keeps the action regulated and the betting interesting. Playing No-Limit leads to very high stakes on the pro-circuit.

Omaha Style Poker

Omaha style is gaining a lot of ground on Texas hold ‘em in casinos across the world and online. A lot like Texas hold ‘em, Omaha puts four cards in your hand, of which you can use two. The dealer’s draw is still the same, with every player using community cards to fill their hand, but having an extra two yourself gives a player more options and keeps them in the game, building the pot for the winner.

Seven Card Stud

This old poker style probably helped birth Texas hold ‘em. It works in a similar way, but instead of players sharing face-up community cards to fill their hand, each player has their own to add to two cards in the hole. Betting starts with the player with the lowest face up card (the bring-in) and proceeds clockwise.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw is getting popular amongst young players and seasoned professionals looking for a way to enjoy poker in their down time and have some fun. Working on a five card draw system, the winning values are inverted, so instead of chasing Queen, King, Ace, the players want a 2,3,4. Flushes are also inverted, so if you want the same result, you need mixed suits.

Chinese Poker

Chinese poker is as fun as it is complicated, and for many poker players it seems very complicated, but only at first. Players share an open-faced hand and as cards are dealt from the deck, players try to score points by making the best hands available. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? This game first started appearing in 2011 as a variant of a more traditional Chinese poker game, but has now started appearing in casinos on and offline. It is worth checking out.

Five Card Draw

Perhaps the first poker game you learned, it is still one of the best and widely played across the world. A simple hand of 5 cards, with the opportunity to swap out three in rounds of betting, makes this a quick paced game if you want it to be, or one to mull over while enjoying some conversation. The age of Five-card draw means it gave poker a lot of its terminology, which you can find more of in this Poker Glossary created by 888. When you are playing poker, you need to know the lingo, your competitors aren’t going to help you out, and worse - they could mislead you into losing your stake.

Countdown Poker

In Countdown poker, players are dealt 5 cards face down and can pay to replace them in each round, building the pot. The object is to end with the highest 5 card hand possible, so if you feel you have a good enough start, you can take the pot with nothing more down than your ante.

Follow the Queen

Follow the Queen is a variant of seven card stud that uses a wildcard. The wild card is the first card drawn from the pack after a Queen is shown. If you don’t see a queen, then there are no wildcards in that round. A fun and fast paced poker game, Follow the Queen is becoming more popular in Asia and Europe every year.

High or Low Chicago Style

High or Low Chicago is a seven-card stud game that uses the highest and lowest spade to split half the pot between the two players that hold those cards. The other half goes to the player with the best hand. If you manage to have the best hand with either of these cards in it, you will get extra winnings.

Razz Poker

Razz poker seems to have as many lovers as haters. A seven-card stud game, it wants its players to find the low hands and not the high ones. Similar to Deuce to Seven Triple draw, its inverted winning structure has led some to hate the game, and its players.

Poker is one of our oldest card games, in one form or another, and though Texas hold ‘em can be thrilling and high staked, it can become tiresome and puts many people off with its brash betting and demanding pace. It is worth checking out and learning a few other poker games, especially as they begin to gain more popularity across the world. Texas hold ‘em took the world by storm and one of these may soon too, so don’t get left behind.

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