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The Advantages of Renting Storage Space

20th March 2020


The self-storage industry is booming, gaining market share across the UK and Europe with new locations popping up every year. With personal and commercial uses, they are suited for use by just about anyone who feels they could use a little more room for their stuff. And they come in all shapes and sizes, the almost looking clinical buildings with bright lights and scrubbed floors that can separate you from the world when you step inside, to a contrasting but spacious outdoor steel and wood container like those you can find at Goliath Self Storage - with many different choices available to you, where can you find the use and advantage of renting a storage space?



1.  A transition period in your life

You may be moving home, dealing with a loss, or perhaps just relocating, but could find yourself with a lot of stuff that you just don’t have any space for. You may be looking for a short term solution to keep things safe whilst you get your feet underneath you or something longer term just to have a little extra storage space - with units ranging from small living space sizes to the capacity of a three-bedroom home, you’ll find something to fit your personal needs.


2.  Decluttering your business 

Constantly growing and shrinking, businesses across the world face difficult challenges in finding a fixed location that can offer just the right amount of space they need with wiggle room to flex where needed, and as rent prices change and grow the balancing act here gets harder. Self-storage provides a unique solution to this however, you’re able to keep a smaller premises but expand on storage room whilst keeping costs lower than renting a larger building. Giving you room to put a little extra clutter away could contribute to some bigger savings in the long run.


3.  Getting yourself established 

Where a bigger business may see a big benefit, newly emerging companies are also able to find a unique use with storage units becoming a base of operations. You may not yet be at the size where renting your own space fits into budget, a self-storage solution could serve as your low cost alternative to grow out of. Many-a-business have begun in a garage or basement, and the storage unit is a modern continuation of the tradition.


Modern storage spaces have all sorts of features and amenities that serve as an advantage within themselves - security may be an important one to many as often times, companies will provide high quality locks to offer peace of mind along with full surveillance so you can be sure your personals are kept safe. Some of the bigger facilities offer climate controlled units and wifi throughout the property so those looking for a space to set-up in can work in comfort. Whatever your personal or business needs may be from a self-storage unit, with many sizes and many different pricing points in cities and towns globally there are many options available to you, and these are able to be utilized in many different ways to fit your budget.



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