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The Best New Car Models Being Released in 2019 - Trends and Models to Watch For

20th January 2019

January is not only the start of a new year, but it's also that time of year when car enthusiasts and those looking to buy a new vehicle start to pay attention to the headlines and launches. So far, it is looking like 2019 is not only going to be big in terms of the number of new models, but also in terms of where the industry is going with the actual features, size, and types of cars being released. Where it used to be that diesel was a top seller here in the UK, the tides have turned and consumers are now focusing on emissions-reducing hybrid technology and even electric vehicles.

So, what should you be watching for in terms of trends and models in 2019, especially if you plan on buying a vehicle? Here are some of the top newsworthy models being released.

Mini EV 2019

One of the most anticipated cars to hit the market in 2019 is the Mini EV, which is an electric Mini built in BMW’s Oxford factory. This vehicle is estimated to be priced from £35,000 and provides drivers with an all-green option that can have them feeling good about driving. Although there aren't a lot of details out at the moment, it is said that the motor will likely be similar to the BMW i3 since the Mini is owned by BMW. Expect to get about 190 miles on a single charge.

As for the design of the vehicle, it still resembles the small car that everyone is used to, but there will be some new features to capture consumers' attention.

Honda Urban EV 2019

Honda will also be jumping on the electric car trend with its new Honda Urban EV that looks a lot like the Volkswagen Golf. This is classed as a compact electric car, so it is smaller than the Honda Jazz. Honda is marketing the vehicle as the perfect city car thanks to its small and manoeuvrable size. Expect to get about 150 miles on a single charge. As for the price, it is estimated to start at £20,000.

Land Rover Defender 2020

When it comes to vehicles with a lot of buzz, the 2019 Land Rover Defender certainly has plenty going for it. This will replace the original Defender and won't actually be revealed until late this year since it will be launched in 2020. There has been plenty of obstacles and challenges in coming up with a new design and this model has taken years to produce. Consumers' expectations are set very high on this one. As far as pricing goes, the entry model is said to start at around £30,000.

Peugeot 208 2019

As far as small cars go, the 2019 Peugeot 208 is certainly making the headlines as consumers hope that it sets a new bar where technology, quality, and comfort go. The entry-level pricing of £14,000 is also a huge selling feature. This one should be available in the summer.

Volkswagen T-Cross 2019

If it's a small SUV/crossover that you're after then the 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross could fit the bill. This one will hit the market with an approximate starting price of £16,500, which also makes it one of the more affordable options out there. You'll have the advantage of sitting up high in the vehicle and a 385-litre boot. Keep in mind that even though it's a small SUV, it won't offer four-wheel drive capability if that is a big sticking point for you.

Make Your New Car More Affordable

Now before you get too caught up in that shiny new vehicle that you want to purchase, it’s a good idea to give thought as to what you’re going to do with your current vehicle. If it’s seen better days and isn’t exactly in great shape, you can contact the Scrap Car Network. This is one of the largest scrap car services in the UK and allows you to scrap your car and get some cash in the process.

You can visit the Scrap Car Network website and enter your car reg number, as well as some basic information, and you will then get an instant quote. Should you decide to accept the offer, the company will come out and collect your vehicle for no fee. That cash can then be used to put towards your brand new vehicle if you choose.

Lots to Look Forward to in the Auto Industry

Despite the fact that the calendar only shows a few weeks into the year, there is plenty to get excited for in the auto industry for 2019 with plenty of new models, technology, and competitive pricing all set to hit the market in a big way.

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