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The Cornish Guide to an Exquisite Christmas

20th November 2018

Cornwall is an absolute darling of a place to spend the Christmas season, but that is only if you truly cut down to what makes Christmas so special to you. Chances are it isn’t going through stores looking for last minute Christmas deals. It is more likely to be spending time with your loved ones, sharing good food and drink, possible snuggled up somewhere cosy. It will be that Christmas morning where your whole family is round, and everyone has a great time. Christmas is about emotion, so to get back to that emotive spirit try following this guide so that you can have an exquisite Christmas yourself:


Make Time for Your Friends

Friends and family are the core of what makes Christmas so great, so make plans. It can be very hard to squeeze in a last minute get-together during this season, but by taking the initiative and making plans and even booking events beforehand you can bring everyone together without issue.


See the Christmas Lights

What’s Christmas without Christmas lights? In Cornwall we have many beautiful displays, such as the Falmouth Christmas Lights, Padstow Christmas Festival and the Truro Festival of Lights. This makes heading to Cornwall the ideal place for the perfect night out for a date or just a hang out. Bring the beauty of these lights home and aim to put effort and care into your Christmas decorations this year, and you will be astounded at how easily you can bring the spirit of Christmas into your own home.


Go Ice Skating

Ice skating might not entail any actual ice, but it is a must for the season. Book a spot for you and your loved ones today and enjoy a fun afternoon or evening bumping into each other and later enjoying a nice hot drink.


Visit Any of Our Farmer’s Markets

Seasonal food is one of life’s best pleasures, and what is the Christmas season if it isn’t full of delicious, rich foods? Take this one step further by visiting any of our great local farmers’ markets and stuff yourself with local and fresh goodies.


Tips for Gift Giving

Tis the season for gift giving, and this year is the time to take up your presents up a notch. Try to give the unexpected, and:


1.    Try to Support the Local Economy

If you can get your gifts locally in Cornwall, you will help the local artisans that make our area so beautiful and unique. As a plus, it will make a great, beautiful and relatively unique gift no matter what it is.


2.    How to Reduce Wasteful Packaging  

Traditional gift wrapping is an incredibly wasteful practice, especially if you consider exactly how much damage your choice in your wrapping paper is making to the environment. Many sheets are coated in plastic – the secret behind their bright and beautiful patterns – and this plastic does not degrade, meaning they will be in landfills for decades.

Thankfully, you can easily avoid this gift-wrapping debacle without throwing away the tradition entirely. To start, pick up some sturdy gift boxes. This will help you give beautifully wrapped gifts no matter the item’s size or shape. Then, look for recycled or completely compostable wrapping options. Brown paper might seem boring, but add a ribbon and some beautifully classic baubles like red berries or a sprig of rosemary to complete the look. The box and ribbon can be reused, and the paper can be recycled!


To enjoy Christmas like you never had before, go back to its roots. Try to make it personal to you and make time for the activities and people that you love throughout this season in Cornwall, and you will have made a beautiful tradition you can enjoy again and again.


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