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The Gamstop Initiative. What is it, and why was it introduced?

26th March 2020

As technology has developed, so has the ease of use and access to tools and applications that help our everyday lives - online banking, online shopping, social media, and the daily news cycle. But alongside this, the ease of access to tools that keep us distracted has also grown - endless YouTube videos, mobile gaming and online gambling is now available 24/7 at our fingertips with the touch of a button. 


With this ease of use, however, there are downsides - acting in moderation can be difficult as many of these applications are designed to capture and hold your attention, with systems in place to keep you coming back.


Where it may be difficult to prevent you from binge watching the front page of YouTube, or spending hours dragging fruits in to a row on your favourite mobile game, there’s good news for those, both in the UK, and outside, who feel they may have developed a gambling addiction - that’s where the Gamstop Initiative comes in.


The UK formed initiative allows you to exclude yourself from registered online casinos - the way it works is that online casinos can voluntarily register themselves for the program, and once on the list, any user who has opted in to use Gamstop will no longer be able to access the services or apps that they offer.


As it is only optional, not all online gambling and casinos are represented as there is no way to force them on board, especially as there are a good chunk of non-UK sites operating, and those within the UK are actively encouraged to participate, but this also may change in the future.


In order to be as successful as possible, the services that Gamstop offer are completely free - in an effort to battle a growing epidemic in the UK of gambling addiction, upon registration you are able to choose the time period that you would like to be excluded from the sites that are signed up. The initiative also aims to offer advice and support for those who feel they may be suffering from gambling addiction, which is also free of charge.


Although, it must be mentioned again, Gamstop is only able to offer the service to the online casinos that have chosen to participate, it is only as good at preventing access as you allow it to be - for the many services that are offshore, users will still need to act upon good moderation and self-exclusion if they are serious about actively reducing exposure to gambling services and to start moving away from their gambling addiction. 


There may be many reasons to exclude yourself with addiction only being one of the many - however one thing to keep in mind is that when you do register for exclusion, ending the blocked period is quite difficult. The system is designed to help keep moderation, in the event you choose to end your exclusion period early, you will have to contact the Gamstop support staff directly and have a detailed discussion why you would like to remove yourself.



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