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The Partnership That Will Elevate Contact Centre Solutions

29th January 2020

To elevate its market-leading contact centre software, Aspect Software is partnering with Intradiem, a giant in delivering real-time workforce automation solutions. The partnership was announced in October 2019 and has since developed into a fruitful collaboration.

Both companies focus on workforce management, offering features that maintain a productive workforce, better organisation of training and consultation, and improved call centre communication through automated systems.

By pairing best-of-its-kind workforce optimisation with high-quality, real-time automation, Aspect and Intradiem are bringing an enhanced service to enterprise customers.

Together, they provide the tools the world’s largest call centres need to streamline their day-to-day processes and create better customer experiences.

About Aspect

Aspect Solutions boast a 45-year long presence in the B2B comms industry. During that time, they've provided tons of businesses with the software they need to optimise their company systems better and enhance the overall customer and employee experience they have to offer.

Instead of inflexible and mashed-up technologies, Aspect has streamlined their tools to help millions of customer support agents stay engaged while providing an exceptional customer service experience.

Aspect’s solutions for live interaction management and workforce optimisation are available in any hosted, private or public cloud environment, as well as on-premise.

Their core products and call centre solutions include:

Workforce optimisation through:

·         Workforce management tools

·         Performance management and coaching

·         Quality management, recording and analytics (including analytics for speech and text)

Contact centre solutions:

·         Inbound voice calls

·         Outbound voice calls

·         Omnichannel agent-customer contact options

·         Self-service options with CX automation

About Intradiem

Intradiem provides a robust workforce management solution that hinges on the power of automation. This software is ideal for any contact centre with rules activated by current and specific conditions and actions.

Since its founding in 1995, Intradiem has come to power over one billion automated actions every year. More impressively, it predicts it's saved its customers over $160 million over the last two years.

Their services include:

Success management and consultation:

·         Creating a solution based on the business’ requirements and success strategy

·         Tracking and managing value

·         Launch and value planning

Professional services:

·         Project management

·         Custom reports

·         System integration

·         Provider integration (with third party systems including Aspect WFM)

How This Partnership Elevates Aspect's Contact Center Software

The partnership thrives on Intradiem’s cloud-based solution. These are well suited to enterprise clients operating contact centres with as many as 50,000 live agents.

With Aspect's renewed focus on enterprise-level companies, it's safe to say this partnership complements the needs of both companies perfectly, and consequently, enhances the service both companies can provide its customers.

The agreement sees Aspect market Intradiem's solution to its existing base of contact centre customers. Intradiem, in turn, provides its solution as an addition to the Aspect WFM platform.

These core add-on capabilities include:

·         Real-time coaching sessions which match agent and manager availability

·         Automated planning and adjustment of agent breaks and lunches. This is based on the changing real-time needs and conditions of schedules

·         Automated schedule exception writebacks to Aspect WFM

·         Real-time targeted delivery of agent training when things are slower

To Recap

Today, Intradiem is used by many Aspect customers. The fusion of these two companies provides all the additional features listed above, which works wonders for saving time and money as well as providing more value to enterprise-level consumers.

Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem, is confident that no other WFM solution offers the same breadth of automation as the partnership between Aspect and Intradiem software technologies does. This is just one of the many reasons why Aspect continues to enjoy its place as one of the market leaders in the B2B comms industry.

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