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The Top Cornwall Businesses Trends to Watch in 2019

19th November 2018

Research conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has observed that the number of businesses throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly rose by 4.5 per cent between 2017 and 2018 (1). While this is good news for the local economy, many consumers are wondering what to expect in the coming year. This is somewhat difficult to predict as a result of Brexit uncertainties. However, we can still take a look at some global trends and translate these back into the Cornwall business community. What trends can we expect to witness in 2019 and how might these very well transform the ways in which everyday products are purchased? 


Fully Embracing the Digital Age 


There is no doubt that the most pronounced paradigm shift involves the sheer number of businesses which are now choosing to incorporate online sales into their overall retail models. There are several factors associated with this movement: 


  • Digital technology has increased at a frenetic pace.
  • A growing number of consumers are now searching for products via tablets and smartphones.
  • The cost of establishing and maintaining a website has dropped dramatically.
  • There are countless e-commerce tools available on the open market.


The last point is particularly relevant. In the past, ecommerce platforms tended to be rather technical in nature and they were primarily employed by IT professionals who already boasted a significant amount of experience. This ultimately resulted in such tools being utilised by larger organisations. However, we have entered into a time when even startup firms are able to access these very same systems. Not only have the prices of the bundles dropped, but they are now associated with an intuitive nature that hardly resembles previous software packages. 


A Growing Level of Online Competition 


The digital revolution mentioned above should signal that businesses will be faced with an increased level of online competition during 2019. This is beneficial for many consumers, as the prices of many common goods and services are likely to fall. However, entrepreneurs need to be aware that only the most modern e-commerce bundles should be employed. Major providers such as Shopify are known for intuitive packages as well as stellar levels of customer support. Whether referring to domain registration, customised storefronts or client-oriented point-of-sale systems, the notion of "smart" within the e-commerce community has begun to take on an entirely new meaning. 

business infographic


All Brexit fears aside, it is an undeniable fact that the digital retail community within Cornwall (and throughout the entire United Kingdom) shows no signs of slowing down. The main question is which businesses are cognisant of this revolution. 2019 should solidify this observation and with the right amount of proactive preparation, local enterprises will benefit as a result. Still, it is always better to appreciate what tools are available sooner as opposed to later. This is why business professionals of all levels of experience should begin looking towards the virtual horizon well before the dawn of the new year. 




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