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Top Digital Marketing Tips for 2019

12th April 2019

Marketing has been almost dominating the online space for some time now, with new methods and techniques emerging each year to help companies and agencies promote and sell products. In 2019, only the most modern methods are deployed to beat the competition and increase visibility in the online space. Whether you’re advertising a business, a service or a product, this article presents some of the most successful methods of marketing in the constantly updating world of digital marketing. Designed to help you get ahead of the competition, they’re what you’ll need to plan your next successful campaign.

Programmatic Marketing

The new kid on the block when it comes to marketing in the digital realm is programmatic marketing. Put simply, this method of marketing combines the online advertisement with data processing algorithms to advertise products to those web users whose data shows they’re within your target demographic. This is incredibly useful for penetration into your chosen market and can be a good deal more cost-effective than simple spray-and-pray advertising tactics, which have been the traditional method of placing adverts online.

Harness Social Media

Social media marketing has been around for a while, but it’s in a constant state of flux. You’ll have noticed that in the last five years it’s been Instagram that’s commanded much of the marketing economy, with ‘Instagram influencers’ making thousands of pounds simply for sharing photographs with products. It is a medium that’s best engaged with early, with trial-and-error marketing strategies that you measure for effectiveness. Your dream, of course, is to go viral. However, you might need to make several attempts at this before you pull off something that gains traction in the social media imagination.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Meanwhile, one of the oldest forms of digital marketing is doubtless the email marketing strategy. It has been around since the word ‘spam’ meant emails from companies. But despite being so old, email marketing remains a remarkably effective way of drawing in customers. This is especially true for repeat customers, who are prompted by the email – and the offers it contains – to return to your website. Be sure to adhere to marketing rules and regulations in this regard, but otherwise be creative in the way you compose your email in order to tempt in customers you have in your contact lists.

Link Up with Firms

Marketing firms are still your best strategy if you’re looking to make a drive for your business. Outsourcing to professionals guarantees that you’ll not be wasting time with ineffective marketing strategies that cost you cash unnecessarily. Mechanised is an SEO agency in Manchester that offers bespoke services to companies large and small that are looking to drive their custom by creating a strong marketing drive. Use these professionals to discuss strategy and compose tactics you’ll be able to deploy long into the future; they’re a resource well worth engaging with, allowing you to get on with the difficult work within your company.

If you’re planning your next marketing campaign, take note of the above tips to ensure that you are successful, efficient and cost-effective, and jump on the latest trends in 2019 digital marketing.

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