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Top Movies Coming Straight To Streaming Services

11th May 2020

Streaming services are getting access to the latest, greatest movies faster than ever before, with lots of studios choosing to bypass the cinema altogether and connect with audiences immediately in their own homes. Just as you can do everything from visit a casino online to take yoga classes and learn an instrument remotely at the moment, there are ample opportunities to see new films from the comfort of your sofa.

Here are just a few of the most impressive releases to grace platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV and other major streaming platforms.

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The Invisible Man

The story of how this latest remake of The Invisible Man came to be is an intriguing one. It started out as a planned big budget blockbuster to enter the now-defunct Dark Universe franchise of monster movies, then got farmed out to horror specialists at Blumhouse Productions to be made for as little money as possible.

All of this sounds like a recipe for disaster, but thankfully the film manages to be much more than the sum of its parts, offering up a modern twist on a classic sci-fi tale that is both tense and terrifying in equal measure. Starring Elizabeth Moss as a woman whose abusive billionaire boyfriend appears to be stalking her from beyond the grave, The Invisible Man was a critical success and has hit streaming services early.


Pixar has produced a huge number of hits that appeal to kids and adults alike, with its latest film telling the story of two teenage brothers attempting to cope with the death of their father in a fantastical, fantasy world where magic is real and mischief lurks around every corner.

While it may not be up there with the best of the Pixar stable, Onward is still easily able to outshine the other family-oriented titles hitting streaming at the moment, meaning you should definitely pick this to watch over duds like Trolls World Tour.

Birds of Prey

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has wowed audiences for over a decade, the rival superhero franchise stewarded by DC has been generally less successful, both critically and commercially. It is reassuring, then, to see that Birds of Prey breaks the mould by offering up some upbeat, adult-oriented comic book fun for viewers who were bigger fans of Deadpool than Iron Man.

Margot Robbie returns to play Harley Quinn, the antihero we first got to know in Suicide Squad. This time she’s broken up with the Joker and is striking out on her own to create her own rag tag group of chaos-causers. With bags of personality, violence and one-liners up its sleeve, Birds of Prey is a splash of colour that will brighten up your week.

The Hunt

If you are looking for a quirky, satirical comedy-horror film which, like the Invisible Man, was made under the Blumhouse Productions banner, then The Hunt is definitely a film to add to your watch list.

While it may be billed as controversial, it is a little more conventional than a lot of the marketing might suggest, and its story of wealthy individuals hunting people for sport is one which has been covered before. That does not detract from the entertainment factor that it brings to the table, and while it will not be for everyone, it should click with any film fans who have been hooked on The Purge franchise for the past few years.


Costume dramas are ten a penny, but this adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel is arguably a lot more interesting than your average period piece.

Emphasising the comedy elements of the original book, Emma stars Anya Taylor-Joy as the title character and boasts an impressive supporting cast that includes everyone from Miranda Hart to Bill Nighy.

As well as sparkling dialogue and well-acted set pieces, Emma offers up some very impressive production design, with eye-catching costumes and wonderful sets helping to amplify the atmosphere of fun and frivolity that the actors exude.


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