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Top Tips on Transforming Your Home Room by Room

5th September 2019

Maybe you recently visited a friend’s house and were impressed by their décor? Maybe you happened to glance at an interior design magazine in a waiting room and found yourself drawn to a new style? Your taste is always growing and shifting, so it makes sense that you’d want to reflect these changes in your home. 


Whether you’ve noticed a steady transition in your personal style or you’ve suddenly been struck by interior inspiration, transforming your home doesn’t need to be the difficult task it might first appear to be. Here are a few tips for each room in your home and how you can brighten up each one.




Some people see their bathroom as nothing more than a necessity, while others see it as a relaxation sanctuary. Transforming your bathroom can be difficult due to the in-built necessities that can take up a lot of space. Unless you have an unusually large bathroom, it’s best to avoid cluttering up such small spaces – you can find appealing and efficient cabinets to store your essentials so they don’t need to be on view to every guest who needs to use the toilet. 


Revamp the space by treating any damp, retiling the floor and walls, and maybe even picking out a new basin or bath as a feature to the room. Details such as waterfall taps, large showerheads and exposed copper piping can enhance the look.




Although the exterior of your home doesn’t necessarily count as being a ‘room’, it’s still a great place to focus on for transformation purposes. Having the outside match the inside can make your life at home feel more connected and intentional, so consider taking the time to switch up your wall cladding or roof colour. A great detail to enhance any home is an upgrade to dated windows. Visit Double Glazing Funding for options about brightening up the outside and inside of your home.




Kitchens are the hub of any home. Regardless of how much you might enjoy or despise cooking, the state of your kitchen can dramatically improve the overall running of your household. 


If you don’t consider yourself to be much of a chef and don’t have an abundance of kitchen equipment and cookware, go for a clean, minimalistic look with bare surfaces and accent features – try a unique set of tiles or unusual colours. If you love cooking and have plenty of gadgets and gizmos to show off, then dedicate space in your kitchen to display the most attractive pieces like ornaments. You’ll be inclined to use them more and they’ll add visual interest to the room.


Living Room

Having somewhere dedicated to spending your leisure time is important in a home. The living room is the place to indulge in your favourite textures, colours, patterns and materials. 


Centre the theme of the room around a chosen accent piece such as a bright armchair or a feature fireplace. Avoid falling into the trap of only choosing the latest styles as these will all too quickly drift out of fashion again. Trust your own tastes and instincts. 

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