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Video and Casino Games Taking off in Cornwall

7th February 2020

Like any other part of England, Cornwall is no stranger to betting and sports competition. While we traditionally excel at physical games, namely football, rugby, and fencing, advances in the global digital environment could mark enormous changes for our corner of the kingdom. Specifically, we've been looking at the worlds of gambling and video games, as most notably illustrated by bingo and eSports.

Of course, these too have existed for decades, but recent improvements in digital infrastructure have marked significant progress in lowering barriers to access and enhancing their overall quality. So where have evolutions in these games been the most pronounced and how might Cornwall take a better interest in these fields going forward?


Bigger Bingo

Bingo is one of those games that has always maintained a base level of appeal. It is simple to understand, impossible to master, and comes with enough variety that practically anyone will be able to find a version which suits their style of play. The only real problem for most players is the strict limits on time and place. With people so busy today, it can be difficult to get groups together to enjoy the social aspect on which the game commonly hangs.

With modern technology, people can play online bingo at home, effectively overcoming any of the older problems which used to be an unavoidable part of the game. With the enormous variety and huge possible prizes, it is perhaps little surprise that the Cornish people are rapidly adopting new digital avenues of play.

The Arrival of eSports

For those unaware of this newer form of competition, eSports refers to the highest level of video game competitive play. This has gained significant traction in the major sporting scene over the last few years - some of its popularity is possibly owed to all sorts of online gaming, including bingo, becoming more widespread - and Cornwall itself is finally beginning to take part.


Aiding in this growing interest is the development of eSports events in UK colleges. Designed to help drive the industry and create opportunities for players and producers both, Penwith College was recently chosen as one of eight in the UK to represent a new championship event. Created by the non-profit British eSports Association, this series will cover the largest popular games of Overwatch, League of Legends, and more.

The Greater Context

Online bingo and eSports might seem unrelated, but the growth of these two forms of gaming are just two examples of the connected opportunities given by new technological development. Cornwall can be a very traditional place, an aspect of our history we’ll always want to hold on to. But new developing technologies such as eSports and bingo could be an enormous driver of investment and economic growth.

Whether developing and selling the technology which makes these systems possible, working on the infrastructure, or even participating as a player, such new digital forms of gaming represent enormous untapped potential. Those operating related businesses, looking to start a new career, or just try out something new for fun take note, these are industries with nowhere to go in Cornwall but up.

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