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What Does 2019 Have in Store for the Online Retail Sector?

12th November 2018

A significant portion of recent world news has centred around a handful of well-known (and potentially worrisome) topics. The politics associated with the Trump administration, trade concerns with Asia and the muddled mechanics surrounding the Brexit are three primary examples. However, relatively little attention has been directed towards the burgeoning online retail industry. In fact, this sector affects every consumer. Whether you are hoping to purchase gifts for the holiday season or you intend to create a website for your business in the coming months, it is important to know what to expect in 2019. Let's take a quick look at some top industry trends as well as why the landscape is changing in terms of modern e-commerce solutions. 


2019: The Year of the E-Commerce Platform? 


The Chinese zodiac labels 2019 as the "Year of the Earth Pig"; not exactly a flattering picture of what is in store. However, it is also doubtful that the ancient Chinese took into the account the role that the Internet will play. 2019 is set to be the year which redefines the concept of "business as usual". Even as you read this article there are dozens of websites being created with the sole intention of marketing a product or service to a specific audience. The real difference is that such a concept is now just as much of a reality for one-off entrepreneurs as it is for large multinational corporations. The balance is indeed shifting. 



These capabilities are due in no small part to the rise of customised e-commerce hosting services. Not only are these systems more pliable than in the past, but a host of innovative firms are taking the concept of a user-friendly package to an entirely new level. One shining example can be seen in the number of businesses which are choosing to embrace cutting-edge software platforms such as Shopify Plus. 


Out with the Old and in with the New 


In the past, larger e-commerce providers such as Magento tended to dominate the marketplace. While they were indeed useful, it is also an undeniable fact that few additional choices existed. There are now many alternatives to Magento enterprise and these are beginning to reinvent the ways in which business transactions take place. 


There are many reasons behind this trend and yet, the two factors which tend to dominate the decision-making process are cost and flexibility. Magento was (and is) quite difficult to use and a good deal of technical knowledge will be required. Furthermore, many customised themes and pricing bundles are exceedingly expensive. These factors will weight heavily upon organisations that are forced to adhere to limited budgets. Modern systems offer a range of dynamic tools, international payment gateways, around-the-clock customer support and easily adjustable themes. They represent cutting-edge solutions for enterprises that require the very best. 


This is why 2019 is expected to be a red-letter year for those entrepreneurs who are looking to take a leap into the digital domain; good news for local and national businesses.

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