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Where to Travel in Africa

30th September 2019

Africa is the world’s second largest continent, spanning an epic 11.69 million square miles and containing 54 separate countries. This makes it a very exciting destination to travel to, but also a daunting one. 

Where should you even start when planning a trip to Africa? 

It can be helpful to make a list of what you like to do when on holiday or note down any specific experiences or places you have always wanted to visit. 

Of course, a little helping hand and expert knowledge of the area is always useful too. 


If you are a gorilla lover and can think of nothing better than seeing one of nature’s most amazing creatures in their natural habitat, then Uganda is the African country for you. Home to the Nyakagezi family of mountain gorillas, of which there are only 1,000 left in the whole world, the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park offers visitors the opportunity to spend a whole hour with these fascinating animals; you will not be disappointed. 

Top tip: Rain can fall at any time, so make sure you pack appropriate clothing and footwear. 


Another amazing destination for watching some of the world’s most captivating wildlife, Tanzania boasts the infamous Serengeti National Park with its unparalleled Serengeti safari which gives you the chance to see the Great Migration – an epic occurrence where over 2 million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles make a migratory circle from Kenya to Tanzania and back again. 

Top tip: Don’t leave Tanzania without attempting to scale Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. 


Known, of course, for its pyramids and the Great Sphinx, Egypt should be the go-to destination for anyone with a passion for history and those wanting a truly original cultural experience. Both humbling and perplexing, standing before the huge pyramids knowing that they were constructed by manpower alone, way before any technological advances, is truly something else. You can also enjoy a trip down the world’s longest river, the Nile

Top tip: The streets of Cairo are an experience to say the least; fast-paced is an understatement. 


You may not know this, but Namibia has the second lowest population density in the whole world (beaten only by Mongolia) with only 2.2 million inhabitants. Couple that with its endless and epic landscapes and you can often feel like you are completely alone in this desert environment, but luckily the open and friendly nature of the locals shines through and makes this African country what it is. 

Of course, you can also climb some of the highest sand dunes in the world, visit the second largest canyon (after the Grand Canyon) and visit the amazing Etosha National Park. 

Top tip: Namibia is the ideal place for an epic road trip if you have the time and inclination to explore the whole country in its vastness. 


An incredibly versatile country, Morocco is the destination for people who want to do it all on one holiday; eat great food, chill out at the beach, take in some culture, experience the local wildlife and of course, what trip is complete without a bit of retail therapy? 

Despite being only a few hours away, Morocco has all the characteristics of a long haul destination; it’s exciting, culturally completely different, and offers scenic views to rival any other African country.  Check out Marrakech if you want to enjoy the city life, or head down to Essaouira for a more relaxed holiday.

Top tip: Practice your haggling skills before you arrive, you will definitely need them if you head to the local souks (markets).

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