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Why on Earth Would Anyone Choose to Live in London over Cornwall?

4th December 2017


There is much to say about living in a bustling metropolis like London where there is action 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You are never bored in the City, there is always something to do and see and there is no end to the shopping with treasures from around the world as well as from here at home in the UK. London is one of the world’s fashion centres, so you can always find the latest trends and when it comes to music, no place has more to offer than London. So why would anyone choose to live in Cornwall? You might be surprised at the answers you’ll get.

Amazing Scenery

In London you see car after car and if you spot an occasional tree, you are probably one too many into the pints at your local pub! Cornwall has some of the most amazingly beautiful, and at times dramatic, scenery of anyplace in the world, let alone in the UK. Have you ever walked the beach at Porthcurno? If not, you are in for a major surprise. Check photos of the beaches online to see just how lovely they are and after that, you’ll be searching for online conveyancing to get you started looking for a home in the region.

A Comparative Cost of Real Estate

Then, there’s the comparative cost of real estate to consider. As one writer tells it, a one bedroom flat in London can cost more than £1 million, but in Cornwall you can find 7.5 acres with a 4 bedroom home in a lovely part of the county for the very same price. In fact, he refers to this land as an equestrian estate. Even an online conveyancing consultancy would tell you just how much better an investment Cornwall would be. London does have some of the world’s most cherished real estate because it is a major metropolitan area, but that real estate is nowhere near the quality as that in Cornwall.

Conducive to Family Living

Finally, if you’ve a family or are thinking to start one, Cornwall would be preferential over London any day of the week. The crime rate is lower and your children won’t be subjected to every sort of character simply walking to or from school. London is a dirtier place to live and although recent mayors have made every effort to clean it up, London is by far grimier than Cornwall. If you really want a slower lifestyle that is much, much safer, Cornwall should be the better choice.

So then, yes, London is high on everyone’s bucket list to visit at least once in a lifetime, but Cornwall is by far superior as a home in more ways than one. Check with an online conveyancing firm to help you make an offer on your dream home and who knows? By this time next year you could be ushering in the New Year surrounded by white snow unlike the blackened city snow in the capital and you could be enjoying the quiet sounds of nature rather than the blaring horn of a passing lorry. Silence truly is golden and so will your Cornwall home be too.

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