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Secret Santa Visits Hayle Foodbank

21st December 2012

Pirate FM Secret Santa


STAFF at a prominent Cornish business have decided to ditch an office tradition and opted to help local families instead.

Like many other businesses, Pirate FM usually holds a 'Secret Santa' game, where staff, anonymously, buy gifts for colleagues.

However, after recently featuring stories on-air about local families who are struggling to make ends meet, many staff decided their money would be better spent elsewhere.

"Listening to the stories of these families who were struggling on our doorstep really brought things home." said Matt Bunt, Pirate FM's Daytime presenter.

"So we decided to club together all the money we would have spent on Secret Santa presents and use this to help local Cornish families this Christmas.

"One of our aims at Pirate FM is to 'change people's lives', and we hope that with our donations we are able to do make life just that little bit easier."

Using the cash, staff went on a trolley dash and bought tinned food, jars and packets for Hayle Foodbank as well as some Christmas treats for the dozens of families the service will feed on 25th December. 

Jayne Ninnis, co-founder of Hayle Foodbank said:

"We started in January and on average we were helping about 20 families. Recently it's gone up to about 40 families. So, over the year, we've helped around 800 families.

"We saw a sharp increase once the weather became cold. Many people who come to the foodbank have electricity key meters, so they have a choice between heating their home or eating. They can't afford to do both.

"We'd like to say thank you very much to everybody who's donated, including Pirate FM, who've been a great source of supply for us. Without the community we wouldn't be able to do what we do."

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