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January 2013

Thursday 31st January 2013

31st January 2013

Love thy neighbour...

Tina flat tyreLast night, after the school run, Tina pulled in, to let a car pass by on a country lane, and ended up with a slashed tyre. She discovered her car doesn't have a spare, or even a space-saver, only a puncture repair kit!! Thank goodness for kind neighbours who came to her rescue with a jack, spanners, and then even took the wheel to the garage and returned with a new one and fitted it!

So we asked you for your best and worst neighbour stories!

Michelle from Helston ran out of heating oil at Christmas when she was heavily pregnant - and the best thing her neighbour did was source and pay to have her oil tank refilled.  The worst thing her neighbour did, was to move away....but they are still very good friends.

And listen to Karen's story about her neighbours here... 

The List

Listen to Neil, Tina and Tristan discussing which celebs are on their 'List'.


From Becks, to Cheryl, Jason Statham and Susan Boyle, we had some interesting replies...which celeb tops your 'List'?

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Posted by Tina at 6:00am

Wednesday 30th January 2013

30th January 2013

Student Filth?  Brainteaser questionThis morning - we proved that pretty much all of us don't think very highly of students!

Student Filth?

The Brainteaser: 78% of students have never done what?

The answers ranged from washing - both clothes and themselves, cooking from scratch, bought a round in the pub, been sober, ironing, unblocked the loo, had a full-time job, boiled an egg or changed their sheets - you can see the trend!

The answer: 78% of students have never smoked!  Well done to all those students and the CD prize rolls over to tomorrow.

And hello to Mitchel Wickenden whose mum Tracey texted "how dare they! My son is 15yrs old, he has a bath every night, has done his own laundry since he was 10 and has been cooking dinner for the past 6 months as im in bed with a slipped disc, he does everything! im so proud of you ! from Tracey x"

The Thousand Pound Minute

This morning's contestant on the Thousand Pound Minute was Tate Richardson from Mevagissey, a maths and English lecturer at Truro College. Have alisten to how he got on...was Tina a meanie?


And we love our partner's don't we?

And our X-rated talker this morning was our partner's most annoying habits after an online survey revealed the top 3 complaints as:

Men about Women Women about Men
28% claim their partner is whiney 19% say their partner is lazy
13% think thier partner's body is unattractive 15% believe their partner is a cheapskate
9% say they nag too much 13% claim their man is whiney





We're back tomorrow from 6am!

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Posted by Tina at 9:53am

Monday 28 January 2013

28th January 2013

It's a Bubble Wrap appreciation day! and a Happy Monday, so we've turned things around and we've been having a Monday Moan.  Cornwall is mad about driving bad habits, to supermarket rage - dog poo and parking, early morning alarms from smoke detectors with low batteries and the cockerell who crows every morning between 6 and 7am! Litter and man flu were also amongst the moans. 

Brainteaser handwriting! But the best call was from Trish in Bodmin, all about her hubby.

Listen here.

There was no winner on this morning's Brainteaser quiz.  You can see the question, which kind of proves the point, in the picture!!!

And, in the news today, apparently, more women are having fat injected into certain parts of their anatomy, than taken out. 

Listen to Tina's response, when asked by Neil if she'd ever have fat injected into her bum!!

We'll do it all again tomorrow!

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Posted by Tina at 7:32am

Friday 25th January

25th January 2013

It's a Feel Good Friday, we're the station that still plays McFly's Star Girl on a Friday, we have the Friday Song and this morning's Breakfast Show kicked off with a winner on the Brainteaser.

Big Dave Walsely from Camborne was the winner on the brainteaser competition on Fri 25 Jan 13The Question:

What do 40% of women complain about, but 75% of men think they are really good at?

Neil's answer 'In the Sack' was not right.

Wrong answers, that really should have been right, included:

men's driving (especially too fast!);

doing the housework;

DIY; cooking, ironing

Big Dave from Camborne (picture left) texted "Making your partner of wife feel special" which Tina decided was close enough for him to win the Bruno Mars CD, Locked Out of Heaven, which he stopped by to pick up with Liam (pictured right) as the answer was 'be romantic'.


Today's Talker was admitting our addictions, after a story about an ASDA worker in the Midlands who needed hypnotherapy to stop him eating a party size cake EVERY DAY.  Neil admits his addiction is coffee and Hollyoaks, and Tina loves snacking on Toblerone late at night...BUT our listeners..well that's a whole new area....

Have a listen to Kate from Launceston with her shoes and handbag collection.

And, there was much fun and frivolity, and few paper missiles being thrown around in the duet which was the Friday Song.

Have a great weekend.Neil and Tina signature

Posted by Tina at 10:30am

Thursday 24 January 2013

24th January 2013

breakfast food This morning's clever clogs award goes to Pete Thomas from Redruth who won himself a lovely CD prize pack on the Brainteaser Quiz for knowing that 55% of us admit to eating breakfast every day.  Congratulations.

And after a newspaper report about a Belgian woman who travelled for 2 days and over 900 miles, after following her broken Sat Nav for a journey that should have only taken an hour, Neil and Tina asked Cornwall about their travel nightmares.

What a can of worms we opened, with loads of stories from losing windscreen wiper blades (thanks Megan & Travis from Redruth), Linda's Mum, who turned right at a roundabout, into the oncoming traffic, and who delved into her bag at the airport for sandwiches and pulled out white powder (she'd been carrying washing powder in a bag and it had burst!). From Porth, Fiona's Sat Nav sent her down into mud by the river and the farmer had to tow her out.

But the best story came from Peter in St Day and his epic return flight from Madeira. 

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Have a listen!Neil signature

We'll do it all again tomorrow.

Posted by Tina at 10:12am

Wednesday 23rd January

23rd January 2013

On this morning's Breakfast Show, Neil and Tina decided they didn't like Surf Jamie's suggestion that they be called Nina or Teil.

The Brainteaser caught everyone out this morning.  Ann from Camborne thought that 'Given the option to change our lives in some way, 25% of us would ..." change part of their body!  She'd change her legs, but Neil refused to tell Tina which part of his body he would change!  The answer is that one in four of us would travel into the future! The CD prize piles rolls over to tomorrow.

Joey Dadge from Camborne took her chances on the £1000 minute as she travelled to see family, scoring 3 out of 10, but she'd have done loads better if she'd heard the 3 answers revealed at 0755 before the news.  Your next chance is to play at 0820 tomorrow morning - you get loads of help through the show and tyou could walk away with a grand in your hand.

Neil, gleefullytina-old-woman informed Tina that she was looking a bit tired and wrinkled!  Tina wasn't too impressed - its after research that 3.30pm on a Wednesday is when women look their oldest!

Was Neil too harsh on Tina?

Listen here


And you can judge for yourself!



After hearing all about the man in Cyprus who mistakenly took a bomb to a police station, we asked Cornwall if anyone had ever mistaken something for something else.  We had loads of stories, some too graphic for our delicate stomachs at the breakfast table, including one which would have had the headline "My Dad ate my poo".

Megan used nail varnish remover on her face instead of make-up remover - ouch!

Kate mistook a brush for a hedgehog, in front of all her family.

Brian visited his poorly wife in hospital, placing flowers beside her bed, leant over and tenderly kissed her, and only realised it was a different woman, when the lady opened her eyes... his wife was sat upright chatting in the next bay of beds!

Tony jumped in his mate's car for a lift, only to find it was strangers who had stopped to look at a map - must have thought he was a car-jacker!

Thanks for all your stories.Neil Caddy was caught rocking out to Guns and Roses in the studio.

And finally, Neil was caught rocking out in the studio to Guns-n-Roses - Sweet child of mine. Check out his moves!

Neil and Tina - we'll back tomorrow!

Posted by Tina at 10:01am

Win Christmas Winners

14th January 2013

Pirate FM invited listeners to tell us why they should 'Win Christmas 2012' to be in with a change to take home an amazing prize pack.  We had hundreds of entries.

Our winner, Dawn Pickett from Liskeard, was chosen at random and was delighted when she learned she had been chosen as our winner.

Newsletter picture win Christmas winnersListen to the moment she was called by Neil and Tina on the Breakfast show.


And early in January 2013, Tina Bessell spoke to Dawn, to find out how their Win Christmas prize had changed their lives.

Listen here:

  Dawn Pickett's winning entry was as follows:

" I'm not naive I know their[sic] are people worse off than us, I count my blessings everyday that I have a roof over my head, an amazing partner and 4 beautiful daughters. However 2012 has been so cruel and as a result we are struggling to even feed and clothe our children let alone have Christmas and my children who are 9,7,5,3 have been fab about it all they understand there is no money for Christmas this year and have said they only thing they want is "warmer pyjamas."

It all started in February when I was being bullied at work I went to my boss who refused to do anything and things got so bad I was forced to leave my job. Since then I've struggled to find work I'm on the highest dose of anti depressants possible and under going counselling for what happened.

We could not afford the repayment mortgage on our family home and the mortgage company refused to change us to an interest only plan we were forced into rented when they started repossession proceedings however a buyer came in last minute but we still ended up selling the house at a loss so were made bankrupt in June. This became a problem when we looked to move last month as the house we rent is so damp, drafty and costs so much to heat but found we couldn't because no letting agent will rent to us as we don't pass credit checks and private rents are very few and far between.

In May we sold our family car and bought a Camper so that we could give the children a few nights away over the summer. We made the decision to sell the Camper to pay for Christmas and help with food and clothes we expected to get £1500 for it. A professional came to look at it and pointed out the head gaskett had gone and that someone had put sealer in it to keep it running that bit longer and were lucky in the 6 months we had it that it hadn't gone bang already. The van was worth no more than £150 scrap value. All our dreams were shattered we contacted ebay and the person we bought it from but as the sale was 6 months ago they weren't interested. We now only have one car a Ford Ka which seats 4 and we have to cram 6 of us into it to go anywhere as a family.

An lastly in October I was diagnosed with diabetes I just thought I would be told to eat more healthily and do more exercise however it is believed I've had it since developing gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy which was 3 years ago. Thus it's a bit more serious than expected I take medication for the diabetes, medication for high blood pressure, there are issues with my kidney function, my eyesight and feet. An the stress on us as a family right now is so intense that we deserve a break and that is why we deserve to win Christmas. "

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