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28th February 2013

28th February 2013

Stumping the listeners with the Brainteaser, no-one correctly guessed the answer to the Brainteaser which was:

What do 40% of adults maintain from their childhood? 

Sara from Delabole got close (and had to console herself with a chocolate hobnob!) ... but the answer was a dislike of the same vegetables!  The fabulous CD prize rolls over to tomorrow.

Leona Lewis is the new brand activist for the Body Shop

In Showbiz news this morning, Leona Lewis is the new' brand activist' for the Body Shop....launching a new range of cruelty free cosmetics.  Neil decided that this is what happens to 'celebrities'  when their career is "bumbling along", though Tina called it 'diversification'.

We then discovered that Neil Caddy has gone in for a little 'diversification' himself.... and here's the evidence below!

daddy caddy crem


It's the last day of the shortest month - and that makes us more active apparently - could this explain, why Tina was so perky this morning?!

£1000 minute

And we had another 'almost' winner on the £1000 minute, with Tanya Reed from near Rame who just couldn't remember the name of the author of the Twilight Saga series.  Had she known it was Stephanie Meyer, she'd have been £1000 better off right now.  How would you have done with the questions?  Test yourself.

The last £1000 minute winner was Victoria Heywood on the 22nd October last year!  Will you have a go tomorrow?

Ludicrous Clothes

And we got talking about ludicrous clothes...after Beyonce had some custom made trainers from snake, crocodile and fish.Tina embarrassing clothes

Dave's Mum always managed to find the black balaclava that he hated wearing and tried to hide...

Penny loved wearing her dead Yak's coat (or that's what is looked like!) with mini-skirts....

and Sharon was grateful to her Mum for making her wearing orange tights to school - NOT - (instead of tan like the rest of her class!).

Of course - Tina doesn't realise we've found this picture of her as a kid - what IS she wearing?!

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Posted by Tina at 10:08am

27 February 2013

27th February 2013

New Clue for the Secret Sound

After seeing Tina's holiday snaps, Neil decided that one of them could be a clue for the Secret Sound...see below!

Secret Sound  Clue picture

This morning's guess was opening the packaging on a slice of processed cheese, the joint guess of Kev Long and Sue from Cousin Jacks fish and chip shopin Illogan!

You can check whether your Secret Sound answer has been guessed before by using the search tool here.

And tomorrow, we'll be launching new half price dining vouchers at 8am, so check out the great deals in the Half Price Voucher Shop.

Posted by Tina at 5:56am

Tuesday 26th February

26th February 2013

Sleeping - dreaming copy

As you can see, Tina and Neil did some significant research for this morning's talker!

Recurring Dreams - we asked Cornwall if you have any recurring dreams?  In our quest to get our own dreams analysed, Tina attempted to interpret dreams with the help of

Listen to Kayley's dream about being late for her school Prom and Mark in Liskeard's dream about flying.


£1000 minute

James Macdonald scored a massive 9 out of ten on the £1000 minute quiz - just failing to find the answer to that final question.

  How would you have got on with his questions?

You can get in touch with us on the show by calling  01209313900 or texting the studio on 07807225102.Neil and Tina signature

Posted by Tina at 6:45am

Monday 25th February

25th February 2013

Back to Work - and School

After a week away for Half Term, Tina rejoined Neil on the Breakfast Show. Demonstrating her cruelty as a parent, Tina relayed her story of ending up in A&E with both kids on Day 1 of a skiing holiday, so Cornwall shared it's stories of holiday disasters.... 

Peter from St Day, chose not to go to Miami due to the hurricanes, ended up in Hawaii, only to experience their second huricane of the entire 20th century, and the hotel staff abandoned hotel guests to look after their own homes!!

And Dave from St Austell had a holiday nightmare in Turkey when, after a night on the tiles, they couldn't remember which hotel they were staying at and had no room key to guide them!!

And do you have a theory as to what Neil and Tina's recurring dreams mean?

More tomorrow.

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Posted by Tina at 12:14pm

Friday 15th February 2013

15th February 2013

Following Valentine's Day, Neil decided to expose Tina's not quite so perfect marriage proposal story, after revealing that women want the deserted beach, with a gorgeous ring, after 2 years together, on Valentine's Day!  Sounds expensive.

Listen to Tina's disastrous wedding proposal here:


And Neil's trip to the Supermarket yesterday, turned into an awkward affair on Valentine's Day.


And we rounded off the week with the usual Friday Song effort!Neil and Tina signature


Enjoy Half Term everyone!

Posted by Tina at 9:58am

Valentine's Day 2013

14th February 2013


Stupid CupidStupid Cupid meets Neil and Tina

Neil is surprised by visit...and Stupid Cupid Message, listen to him sweat!!


However, we do know that it's not always a happy day for all on February the 14th.

Mindful of the celebration for Singletons Awareness day's the top ten places to meet someone.

1.   Work - love over the coffee machine.

2.   Gym/Sports Club - check out their abs in advance.

3.   School Gate.

4.   Online Dating.

5.   Dating Holidays - not just you 18-30s but there are also solos holidays for shared experiences!

6.   Supermarket - love in the aisles....and you can see what's in their basket too.

7.   In a bar, pub or club.

8.   Waiting in a Queue.

9.   At a concert or film.

10. Shopping - hang out at Top Shop!

Speed Dating

Neither Neil or Tina have ever tried speed they thought they'd give it a go below.

So irrespective of whether you are male or female, and whether you like boys or girls, have a listen and see who'd you'd date and vote in the poll below!

Tina's Speed Dating attempt   Neil's Speed Dating attempt 

Posted by Tina at 9:53am

Pancake Day - 12th February 2013

12th February 2013

We couldn't let Shrove Tuesday pass without marking the day - which has traditionally been pancake day.

So, who's the best pancake tosser on the Breakfast Show?  Neil or Tina?

Watch and listen to their competition.

Neil's attempt was first...

  And then Tina...


Watch their pancake tossing antics!

Posted by Tina at 9:07am

Friday 1st February 2013

1st February 2013

A pinch and a punch - it's the first of the month...welcome to February!

Its seems that 57% of all those Dad's in full-time work, would much rather be working full time to spend more time at home (though only 31% because they'd like to spend more time with the kids!!) - our winner this morning was Jade Hayden, milking the cows at Roskilly's.

It seems that, according to Neil, men's brains are wired differently from women's so that they find it harder to remember dates like birthdays and anniversaries - but easier to remember who won the World Cup in 1986!!  Any excuse!

THE LIST alex_o_loughlin_as_steve_mcgarrett_largeThe 'List'

And Trisha decided to 'test' out          THE LIST discussion with her sister-in-law - listen to how she named and shamed her!


And top of Trish's list was Alex O'Loughlin - do you agree?

<--------- MMMMMmmmmmm (says Tina!)


A Feel Good Friday Song

And of course, it's a Feel Good Friday, with another rendition of The Friday Song... sing-a-long here.


Back on Monday....

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