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March 2013

Simon wins £1000

25th March 2013

Simon Tricker picks up his £1,000Simon Tricker from Landrake grabbed a grand, on the World's Easiest £1,000 minute!

We gave away all the questions, along with all the answers on our website - and when the alarm went off, Simon was lucky enough to get through, and claim the cash!

Here he is at Pirate FM, with James Dundon, and a lovely chocolate cake created by his wife Kate as a thank-you!

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Monday 25th March 2013

25th March 2013


25% of us own one - what is it?  Neil thought it might be an umbrella, he has 2 in the boot of the car, that never get used....but he wasn't right!  Wrong answers included a gaming machine from Connor Halloway from Redruth; a second car said Chris from Roche; a caravan or a holiday home and a 3D TV were all wrong answers. 

The answer: a power shower!

Listen to Cornwall's Moans... for a Monday.


Let's get ready to Rhumble!

And if you missed this on Saturday night - you need to watch the video...#memories!



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Thursday 21 March 2013 - We meet the very brave Lisa Richards

21st March 2013


Tina outfoxed Neil and Cornwall with the Brainteaser question this morning...

What do 45% of men, and 56% of women say they won't touch?  The answer was not something big and hairy (spiders!) or dog poo, partner's mobiles or even partners!!  In fact the answer is: a drink of milk.

Local Heroes

We also heard the Local Hero nomination from Leanne Gray, who wanted to nominated the 3 accident and emergency staff who stopped to help her and her Dad in a car accident, and basically saved Leanne's life.  You can listen to the nomination here... 
and don't forget, your chance to nominate closes this weekend.

Changing Peoples Lives

And today we made Cornwall cry, as we met our very own local hero, who bravely came into the studio today. Lisa Richards has been diagnosed with non Hodgkins Lymphoma. And was raising awareness and money for Macmillan Cancer Support and The Pirate Tust (Text LISA01 £10 to 70070 to donate to Pirate Trust and make a difference today)

Listen to her emotional hair shave, thanks go to Kayte from Headz Up Barbers

Lisa Richards hairshave

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Wednesday 20th March 2013 - First Day of Spring

20th March 2013

Brainteaser: 33% of us still use one of these - what is it?

Answers included cheques (thanks Michelle in Troon); teapot; handkerchiefs (Debbie); Keith said Vinyl; and popular answers included fountain pen, maps and manual toothbrushes.  Amongst those getting it right included Ben Mayo from Penzance with the answer of a video recorder.

It's the First Official Day of Spring - so what have you done recently for the first time?Tina Knitting

Sunrise on the First Day of Spring 2013Neil saw the sunrise and heard the birds singing before we started the show this morning...and Tina has taken up a new hobby, inspired by the Graffiti Grannies, in order to teach her daughter, knitting!  Kirsty and mum Shirley have just finished a patchwork quilt, and Joy 's made a roman blind.  Neil took a lot of stick for saying that he couldn't see the point when you can just buy a jumper!  Still, Dan says he's a 30 year old man who can knit and the Roadrunner suggested Tina knots a bikini - not with 15mm needles - the holes are way TOOOOO big!!

£1000 Minute

And for the third day in a row, we had a score of 7/10 from John Hanniford in Foxhole.  Don't forget, we still haven't played the World's Easiest Thousand Pound Minute.  Download all ten questions and ALL ten answers and listen for your chance to register to play to win.

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Monday 18th March - Neil Caddy's Birthday!

18th March 2013

Blog 18 March - The SaturdaysHappy Birthday Mr Caddy - we celebrate by interviewing none other than Una and Rochelle from The Saturdays!!

Listen to the interview again, in 2 parts, including their new chart-topping single, What about us?


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Part 2


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Red Nose Day - Friday 15th March

15th March 2013

This morning's brainteaser was:

What would 57% of us LOVE to buy, but we are just waiting for the price to fall?

Answers ranged from Neil's cosmetic's surgery - not for himself you understand - or his partner he was very adamant to point out, to a house, solar panels, fuel for your car, a Dyson - but the actual answer was an electric car.Electric Car

Well done to Bob Godzick from Mabe who knew the answer - listen to Tina's test drive results here - and you can find out more about electric cars this weekend as the first Cornish Rally takes place in Truro on Sunday

Red Nose Day

And we were bigging up the efforts across Cornwall for Comic Relief.

Here's 11year old Harry Button from Austell doing something very brave. Have a listen.

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Thursday 14th March 2013

14th March 2013

Who does the new pope look like?

Pope Francis I ?                                                                   Jim Bowen ?


What did you get confiscated when you were younger? 

A story has emerged that Ed Sheeran had his credit card confiscated by his Management Team after he splashed out on not one, but two flash cars over the weekend. The irony is that Ed Sheeran doesn't even have a driving licence!

Somehow the story got us talking about gnomes...listen to Clare from Plymouth.

 Tina at Hawkins Motos with a Zumba poster for Comic ReliefGood Luck to you in your Comic Relief events for tomorrow? 

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Wednesday 13th March

13th March 2013


We asked Cornwall what 78% of us do to keep fit.  Most answers involved walking....

...walking to the fridge, to get a beer, walking to the TV to manually turn it over rather than using the remote, but the actual answer, from The Roadrunner (Mark in Redruth!!) was walking the dog (he did add to the pub!!).

And who is grumpiest in the morning? Men or Women?


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Tuesday 12 March 2013

12th March 2013

Blog Obsessions


From Sue in Fraddon's computer games, to Trisha being an Olly Murs stalker, and Shelley's counting individual toys as a very tidy Mum, Neil's obsessions seem pretty tame.  Then we had Hilary's obsession with the Titanic, (sank on her birth date); her maiden name was shared with 3 of the passengers, she's been fascinated by the grandeur and splendour all her life.  Hillary even went so far as to write to Robert Ballard the scientist who developed the submersible that found Titanic, received a signed photo, and went to the museum in Manchester, just to touch a piece of the hull!
Then we had Launceston's Kate with her obsession with shoes; she has no rooom for clothes when she packs for her holidays...Dave in Looe loves the golf club (the 19th hole?) and Fiat cars... and Gail in Breage who loves reptiles, the lizards not men!!

The World's Easiest Thousand Pound Minute

Download all ten questions and all ten answers and then keep listening, because we could sound the alarm to play the Special Edition of the World's Easiest Thousand Pound minute, at any time, day or night.

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Monday 11 March

11th March 2013

Welcome to Monday!

Tina at on the Loo with her Mobile Bonkers places to use your mobile

New Survey Alert:  Three quarters of us apparently use our mobiles whilst sitting on the loo....

Listen to the bonkers places people have used their mobiles.

And in Showbiz news

We learn that the Dancing On Ice Champion, Beth Tweddle has been on a "long journey" and that One Direction are in trouble for tweeting fans to show them their tattoos to be in with a chance of starring in the next 1D movie.  Apparently they quickly deleted the tweet for fear of being seen to encourage underage inkings!

However, Harry Styles has also had a new tattoo on his stomach - Listen to Neil's thoughts on it!

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Friday 8th March

7th March 2013

Neil and Tina's Exam conisted of a spelling test and then a Sports Science Quiz.  How would you have got on?

Watch the video of them in the Exam (Boardroom) with invigilator, Tristan Hunkin.


1. Which decelerates faster, a badminton shuttlecock or a baseball?
2. True or false? Lower tension on a tennis racquet produces more control and less power.
3. In the Winter Olympic sport of curling, what type of rock are the curling stones made from?
4. True or false? Olympic gold medals contain more silver than gold.
5. How high is a regulation sized basketball hoop?
6. Does the chronic injury known as plantar fasciitis affect hands or feet?
7. True of false? Astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball while on the moon in 1971.
8. What is typically the slowest swimming stroke, freestroke, backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly?
9. True or false? The official distance of a marathon is 44 kilometres (27.340 miles).
10. Does an injury to your anterior cruciate ligament affect your arm or leg?
11. True or false? Your body only produces lactic acid during intensive physical activity.
12. Do the fastest male 100m sprinters in the world average above or below 30 kph (18.64mph)?
13. True or false? Dimples on a golf ball help reduce drag and increase the distance the ball flies.
14. Is the diameter of a regulation basketball hoop 2 times, 3 times or 4 times wider than the diameter a regulation basketball?
15. True or false? The fastest recorded tennis serve is faster than 150 mph (241 kph).


Sports Science Quiz Answers


1. Shuttlecock
2. False (less control, more power)
3. Granite
4. True
5. 10 foot (3 metres)
6. Feet
7. True
8. Breaststroke
9. False  - 42.195 kilometres (26.219 miles)
10. Leg
11. False (it’s produced all the time)
12. Above - around 36 kph (22.37 mph)
13. True
14. 2 times
15. True - 155 mph (249 kph)




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Thursday 7th March 2013

7th March 2013


6% of us think it's perfectly normal to snack in this location...where is it?  No-one guessed this morning - so listen to the location here.

And celebrating World Book Day, and World Science Day, Neil and Tina are going to test themselves with a Science Quiz...see how they get on tomorrow.

And things you never thought you'd you see!

As Fatboy Slim plays 'House the House', a charity gig in the Terrace bar of the Houses of Parliament, we asked about things you never thought you'd see.

Listen to Trisha's call.  
Neil and Tina signatureWe liked this picture too - of a camel carrying a car - things you thought you'd never see!

pics on Sodahead


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Wednesday 6th March

6th March 2013


Tina foxed Cornwall with the question...

What do 1% of us do a thousand times a week, but 25% of us only do 200 times?  Wrong answers included Michelle in Troon, who thought it was "saying sorry".  Sorry Michelle!  You're not right!!  Neither was it saying "Thank you", trumping, arguing with the missus, checking out our reflections in a mirrot (teenagers being the 1% obviously!).

The answer was to 'driving a mile' - so in essence...1%  of UK motorists drive a thousand miles a week!

Daring actions...

So yesterday, Neil and Tina went to donate a pint of blood.

Neil and Tina do a blood donation


and then we saw this video...


So it got us thinking, for some people holding a spider or doing a parachute jump is very daring, what's the most daring thing you've done?

Listen to callers Karen ....Neil and Tina signature

and Kate


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Happy St Piran's Day

5th March 2013


Happy St Piran's Day

How accurate is your starsign regarding your personality?

The Brainteaser answer this morning, was that most people consult their astrological star signs to check partner compatibility.  Congratulations to Sheila Hatfield who won the Rihanna CD.

Apparently a Pisces Man (Neil)  and a Virgo Woman (Tina) is a union of 2 magnets - in perpetual opposition to eachother, though each will admire the qualities of the other that they themselves lack!  Pisces will glorify Virgo's beauty and intelligence whilst Virgo will admire Pisces naivety and gentle sweetness!The partnership will not be boring and it can be a calm union!!

Celebrity Likeness

There's a new i-phone app where you can take a photo and see which celebrity you most resemble.  Judge the results for yourself!

Celeb photos Neil and Tina

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1st March 2013

1st March 2013

St David's Day

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!  Happy St David's Day to all David's and fellow Celts, and ofcourse, with St Piran's Day coming up, enjoy the celebrations this weekend - you can meet our Holly Day at the Redruth St Piran's Day celebrations tomorrow.

Cooking Naked

In the news, there's a story about 3 students who have set up a Naked Vegan Cooking blog! Neil admitted this morning that out of sheer laziness, he has, in the past, cooked naked, so we asked Cornwall for cooking tips - suggestions included keeping your shoes on, thank you David and not to BBQ sausages says Rik.

£1000 minute

Carolyn Currah from Newquay scored 8 out 10 today, so that is 3 very close calls this week to win the Thousand Pound Minute Quiz.  

As we've not had a winner since October last year, Neil is fed-up and suddenly announced that we're going to do something to all but "guarantee" a winner - watch out for a big announcement on Monday!2012 Win a Wedding Winners

Win a Wedding 2012 - Robert Wood and Lindsay Preston

We were honoured to meet our 2012 Win a Wedding Finalists, Robert Wood and Lindsay Preston, who, thanks to winning the £25,000 Win a Wedding prize celebrate their nuptuals tomorrow.

Here's their story:

Many Congratulations from all of us at Pirate FM!  Have a super day.

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