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Thursday 27th June 2013

27th June 2013

Why isn't Tina fluttering her eyelashes at Neil? WE find out which body part uses up 20% of your daily calories on the Brainteaser. and more chances to win on the Secret Sound, the £1000 minute 0 Jason blasted his way to the top of this week's leader board. And tomorrow is the final day of our Riddle Game with Home Bargains - their new store opens on Saturday in Truro - get along and meet Tina, who'll be playing more riddle games to win.

Tuesday 25th June

25th June 2013

Our Brainteaser this morning was: After 25 years, we are fed up of what?...congratulations to Vegas from Camelford, correctly guessing at the last minute - that it's kids living at home. And watch this hilarious video. It was the inspiration for our geting stuck stories. Turns out that Holly Day in the Love Truck, got stuck in a car wash yesterday at Chiverton Cross.

Monday 24th June

24th June 2013

We talked inventions after a man in London has invented weight loss chocolate. Tina would invent painfree high heels; Neil - a money tree Suggestions included Densil = perfect woman; Ian - a cloning machine; Mark - an app giving you an extra 20 secs thinking time when asked - does my bum look big in this? and and anti foot in mouth device; Clare - and I will obey pill for men - Tina did promise to obey on her wedding vows, but only because the vicar told her hubby would have to worship her which is much harder!!

Andrew and Lucy win their dream Cornish Wedding with Pirate FM!

14th June 2013

Andrew and Lucy win their dream Cornish Wedding with Pirate FM!

A deserving Perranporth couple are planning their future together after winning their dream Cornish wedding, worth thousands of pounds.

Lucy Cruse and Andrew Vickers entered Pirate FM’s ‘Win a Wedding’ competition earlier this year and were one of four randomly-selected couples who made it through to the final.

Andrew and Lucy met nearly three years ago. After the premature birth of their baby son, Owen, last year they decided to get married as soon as they could.

“Last year I had a mysterious illness which resulted in time off work.” said Lucy. “Then I fell pregnant and was in-and-out of hospital all the way through. I ended up with Pre-eclampsia and baby Owen had to be born early. We both nearly didn't make it but now that is all fine. This prize will be the ultimate ending to a stressful couple of years!"

The prize package contains everything the couple needs for their special day including wedding rings, dress, stationary, photography and videography, DJ, a honeymoon and even the wedding and reception location at The Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club, near Bodmin. All the items and services have been offered by local businesses here in Cornwall and total over £10,000.

Each couple in the final were asked to perform a song which was broadcast across the Duchy. Lucy and Andrew performed a version of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”.

“We feel completely overwhelmed and just so grateful to everyone that voted,” continued Lucy. “We are eternally grateful for such an amazing prize.”

The couple employed a number of high-profile tactics to secure votes including handing out leaflets, publicising themselves on social media and even shaving the voting details into the back of Lucy’s horse.

Andrew said: “We were walking through Perrancoombe and someone slowed their car down to say they had voted for us. We didn’t even know who they were!

“It’s quite overwhelming, and it’s really heart-warming how many people voted for us. Thank you to everyone.”

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Who wears it best?

14th June 2013

Matt Bunt's turned up to take over from James Dundon on the Neil and tina at Breakfast show...and guess what...SNAP!

Monday 10th June

10th June 2013

James Dundon sits in for Neil and Tina at Breakfast for the next 2 weeks. So how did Neil and Tina get on at the Royal Cornwall Show, doing stunts with the Kangaroo Kid. And after waving the answers under your noses at the Royal Cornwall Show for the £1000 minute, did we get a winner?

Friday 7th June 2013

7th June 2013

Driving Test Re-Sit Video is revealed - Did Neil and Tina pass? And it's Day 2 of Royal Cornwall Show! Meet us at Stand 640 with Dales Cornwall and win great prizes, as well as picking up all ten answers to Monday's £1000 minute quiz.

Royal Cornwall Show 6/8 June 2013

6th June 2013

We're heading to the Royal Cornwall Show. Don't forget to ask Neil and Tina to reveal the results of their driving test re-sit!

5th June 2013

5th June 2013

Tina was harsh again on the Brainteaser... After a report reveals that the old tat in the attic could be worth £600, we asked what's in your attic? Can you beat Tina's Sinclair C5! and we're getting ready for the Royal Cornwall Show.

Tuesday 4th June 2013

4th June 2013

Tina won again on the Brainteaser and we announced the 2013 Win a Wedding winners, who will celebrate their special day on 8 February at the Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club.

Monday 3rd June 2013

3rd June 2013

After the Secret Sound was suspended on Friday - we reveal the announcement from the Pirate FM Management Team over the latest development.


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