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November 2013

A Movember Parody of Wrecking Ball

28th November 2013

What crazy thing would you do for Charity?

Here's Newquay's David Winch....speaking to James Dundon


Find out how you can help mens health charities and the other local events going on that David and his team are involved with here.

Posted by Tina at 8:16am

Remember the Sony Walkman?

26th November 2013

Do you remember the Sony Walkman - who could forget?

Well what year was it launched? - The Mystery Years from 9am every weekday.

Music from the first half of the Mystery Years at 9am will help you guess the year!

Posted by Tina at 5:45am

This Morning meets Neil and Tina at Breakfast

22nd November 2013

Neil cheats to win the #fightfortheflashback. Want to look hot in selfies? You need to Squinch And Newquay's Philip Schofield calls for a chat - which Reality TV show would he be in?

Do not suffer in Silence

21st November 2013

We were priveleged to speak to Amy Jones from Falmouth about bullying. She tells us how she was affected and how she's made a difference.

Stay Strong :)

21st November 2013

It's Anti-Bullying Awareness Week.

It is worth 8 minutes of your life to watch this.

Amy Jones from Falmouth knows what she's talking about...

Speak out! Tell someone! Do not suffer in silence.  There are people who can help.


Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 10:26am

Phil grabs a grand!

19th November 2013

Phil Whitehead - £1,000 Minute Winner

A St Dennis man claimed a grand in cash, after proving his cranial-credentials on Pirate FM!

Phil Whitehead from St Dennis took part in Pirate FM's £1,000 Minute last week, where he was pit against 10 general knowledge questions, which he had to answer in just 60 seconds.

A confident Phil steamed through, confidently answering all the questions correctly - that was, until one came up about Eurovision: "Which country last won?".

After considering it for a while, and with just seconds remaining, he correctly answered that it was indeed Sweden - and the cash was his!

Phil popped in with his family, Lowenna, Eleanor, Bo and Laura to pick up his cash from Pirate FM.

"I'm still in shock. I didn't think I'd get the last question right, and so when you told me Sweden was correct, I was just gobsmacked!" he said.

You can win a grand, every single weekday morning with the £1,000 minute - Check out more details here.


Posted by Winners Blog at 5:10pm

The Gremlins are loose

19th November 2013

A challenging morning - a bit like Ground Hog Day. Sorry about that! 'Selfie' is the new international word of 2013 - see our tweeted selfies. No Secret Sound or £1000 minute quiz but we did get to hear from Karen Pearn - a Fly you home for Christmas nominator and we spoke to Jon Levine a Shelterbox volunteer.

The Petebox

19th November 2013

The Petebox covers a Beach Boys classic - getting acclaim from Brian Wilson himself. 

You can see The Petebox headlining a gig for Shelterbox - The Phillippines Appeal on 30 November at The Ritz in Penzance.

Here's a sneak preview of local talent!

I can't get over how quick he plays that beatbox!

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Posted by Tina at 5:25am

Neil and Tina chat to Wet Wet Wet

18th November 2013

Neil and Tina catch up with Marti and Graham from Wet Wet Wet

Thursday 14 November 2013

14th November 2013

It's a winning Thursday! Phil Whitehouse in St Dennis is £1000 better off. Price Charles' birthday - he's 65. What's the one thing that makes men more attractive to women?

Wednesday 13 November 2013

13th November 2013

What is a Twinsie? And would you wear one? Live local radio - ends up with a Secret sound like this!

Russian Army Choir covers Daft Punk

13th November 2013

Not quite the Military Wives Choir - but a lot of fun!

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 5:53am

Tuesday 12 Nov 13

12th November 2013

The Power of Twitter. Secret Sound is still going. Neil's Mo - how do you describe it. And it's a Texas Tuesday!!

Tuesday 12 Nov 13

12th November 2013

Local feel good story - the power of Social Networking!

Video of the Day - 11 Nov 13

11th November 2013

Video of Poppy Girl seeing Dad.

Friday 8th November 2013

8th November 2013

What a morning! Tina won the Friday Fight for your Flashback, with an appeal for support to play Martika's Toy Soldiers for all those in the Armed Forces as its Remembrance weekend, vice Neil's choice of Geno from Dexy's Midnight Runners! Do women love their pets more than their fellas? And we have a Paul McCartney Winner!

Paul McCartney Winner

8th November 2013

Paul McCartney Front Page FeatureA massive Paul McCartney fan from Cornwall is celebrating, after Pirate FM gave him the chance to watch their idol on the other side of the world.

Paul Floyd from Callington will be winging his way to a Stadium in Japan, after clinching the ultimate prize in the competition.

The Cornish radio station recently gave it's listeners the opportunity to watch the Beatles legend, at a huge gig in Tokyo later this month.

Avid listeners were told to listen out for two songs in a row by the artist, and to ring-in to get in the drawer when they did.

'Live and Let Die' and 'Jet' by Paul McCartney were played just after 8am on Friday 8th November, resulting in a switchboard meltdown with thousands of listeners trying to claim their place in the draw.

Paul couldn't stop laughing, and dropped his phone in the excitement! He kept saying, "Ideal, thank you very much! "

"I couldn't believe it when he said my name. I have been an huge fan of Paul McCartney, and I can't wait to see him!"

He added: "I'll be taking my wife Mandy, who's made up about it!"

Neil Caddy, Pirate FM's Breakfast Presenter said: "We're really pleased that we've been able to make Paul's dream come true. It truly is a unique prize, and we hope he and wife, Mandy have a fantastic time.

"Over the last few months we've brought Travis to Cornwall, we've sent Kate Williams from St Austell to see Elton John in Las Vegas, and even gave Beccy Tilley from Pendeen the opportunity to see Jessie J at an exclusive gig in London."

"Plus we've also given away £5,000 on the Secret Sound, and a total of £3,000 with our recent Music Bingo competition."

"And, this is not the end: we've got loads more great opportunities to win coming up over the next few months, so watch this space!"

Posted by Winners Blog at 9:45am

Video of the Day - 7 Nov 13

7th November 2013

Aim for the stars! The hazards of ten-pin bowling.

Million Dollar Memories

7th November 2013

Amongst all the other madness, our talker was asking you to share your million dollar memories.

Video of the Day

6th November 2013

Jimmy Kimmel got parents in the USA to tell their kids that they had eaten all their Halloween Candy - see the reactions!

Tuesday 5 November 2013

5th November 2013

From llamas to boobs, Guy Fawkes to finding out your fitness age. Today's show went from one extreme to another.

Monday 4th November 2013

4th November 2013

The Secret Sound is still up for grabs for £500 - are you listening out for the clues at the weekend? On the #morninghardone, no-one correctly guessed what activity couples do to relieve stress. And where is the wierdest place you've woken up?


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