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Real people ... Real singing

29th April 2014

We're not sure if we should applaud, or cringe?  You decide!

Posted by Tina at 5:25am

Aspirations Day at Royal Cornwall Showground

25th April 2014

Aspirations Day at the Royal Cornwall Showground

Tina was invited by Headteacher Lee Bachus, to the Royal Cornwall Showground, where she chatted to kids from schools across the North Cornwall area including Boscastle CP, Camelford CP, Delabole CP, Otterham CP, Port Isaac CP, St Breward CP, St Teath CP and Tintagel CP (all primary) and Sir James Smith's Community School (secondary).

Many companies were there supporting the event, giving kids the opportunity to find out first-hand the skills they need to develop for future career aspirations?

Find out more and listen again below.

Tina also eavesdropped on Pippa from Newquay Zoo


Aspens  Caterers (Martin and Tracy) explain their ethos

And Tina caught up with pupils Fin and Mathilda

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 11:30am

Karen Robins wins £500 in cash - just by listening to Pirate FM!

24th April 2014

Big Cash Weekend Winner - Karen Robins

A Grandmother from St. Austell became our latest £500 cash winner - just by listening to Pirate FM!

Karen Robins calimed the cash as part of the station's "Big Cash Weekends", where she had to identify that weekend's featured artist - and answer the phone with the artist name when Neil and Tina rang during the breakfast show on Tuesday morning.

After a few rings, it sounded like no-one was going to asnwer the phone, and Neil and Tina were preparing to move onto the next winner. However, just as they were about to give up, Karen answered the phone and declared "Madonna" - winning the money.

Chatting afterwards, Karen revealed that the delay was due to a mad dash for the phone downstairs.

Karen now plans to spend the cash when her and the family travel to Spain next month.

Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekend returns this weekend, with another £500 up for grabs. You can find out more here.

Posted by Winners Blog at 3:14pm

Embarrassing clothes

24th April 2014

Neil spent time at his parents and his Mum found his old clothes! Take a look at embarrassing pictures of Neil and Tina. And what does having a flash car say about a man?

Zoe Barber grabs a grand!

24th April 2014

£1000 minute winner Zoe Barber

Zoe Barber was on her way to a pretty mundane training course in Truro - but her day got a million times better after claiming a grand courtesy of Cornwall's Pirate FM.

Zoe tried her luck at the competition, where she correctly answered ten general knowledge questions in 60 seconds. However, many would say that her knowledge of the greatest hits of Hear'Say helped her win the cash, as the now-dufunct, and largely-forgotten band featured in one of the questions.

The £1,000 minute gives you the chance to win cash every single weekday morning with Neil and Tina. Find out more online here.

Posted by Winners Blog at 2:36pm

Happy St George's Day

23rd April 2014

Are you bovvered? St George's Day is hailed as Patron Saints Day in England - it's very English to we heard your's especially when unfounded. And we had a winner....on the Thousand Pound Minute... well done Zoe Barber!

Post Easter Blues

22nd April 2014

Neil and Tina are back..after a 4 day break. Tina's hubby benefited from a romantic soul on the beach. Tina discovered 5 things she needs to ask permission for, in advance from her other half. Neil rants about BGT. And lucky listener Karen Robins from Trewoon, St Austell, won £500 on the BIG CASH WEEKEND - congratulations...

Hilarious Flight Attendant

22nd April 2014

You might need to watch a few times, as she speaks so fast...but its very funny!

Posted by Tina at 5:14am

Ghost Car

19th April 2014

In almost 'Back to the Future' like wierdness, a car appears out of nowhere and causes an accident - and no, it wasn't Tina driving!

Posted by Tina at 7:25am

Debbie from Wadebridge shares her £500 Big Cash Weekend winnings with her best friend

17th April 2014

Debbie Oxby Big Cash Weekend Winner

A generous listener from Wadebridge has claimed £500 courtesy of Pirate FM - revealing that she is going to share the cash.

Debbie Oxby is the latest winner on Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekends, claiming the money with Neil & Tina on Monday morning's Breakfast show.

Debbie told Pirate FM that she plans to share the £500 with her neighbour Pat Moss who also entered the competition. Wouldn’t we all love neighbours like that!

She correctly answered the phone with this weekend’s big cash artist – Robbie Williams.

Pirate FM fan Debbie explained exactly how easy it is to win the cash “I listened to the song after 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock and registered online and won the money”.

Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekend returns this weekend, with another £500 up for grabs. You can find out more here.

Posted by Winners Blog at 1:53pm

Happy Easter

17th April 2014

Neil and Tina #fightfortheflashback The annual tally is Neil leads by 8 weeks to 5. and if you need advice for your online dating profile...we have the latest tips.

Why you should always keep an eye on your children in an arcade

17th April 2014

"Where's your sister? Oh, she's INSIDE that arcade machine!"

Another reason why you need to keep an eye on your kids at the arcade...


Posted by Matt Bunt at 9:03am

Easter holidays are almost here

15th April 2014

Relationship guidance from Neil (and Tina) Stockings could spice up your love life - but its not what you think! And Ricky Gervais was an 80s popstar! Yes really!

The Past Few Weeks

10th April 2014

Hi I'm Ollie, the Pirate FM apprentice. Here is a snippet of some of the exciting things I've been doing at Pirate FM.

I'm really enjoying my time at Pirate FM and the apprenticeship; it’s a fantastic experience for me. I undertake some really important tasks, one of the main parts of my job that I really enjoy is managing the station Twitter feed. This gives me an opportunity to get creative and come up with some fun tweets to get our message across to our followers on Twitter in a fun way.

This week I have been in the studio recording a voice over for the upcoming promotions for apprentices in Cornwall with Cornwall College Business. Soon you'll be able hear me across the duchy again on some of the commercials. 

Posted by Ollie Coleshill at 3:26pm

Cornwall's Miss London candidate

10th April 2014

Neil and Tina catch up with Amy Wray - formerly with girl group Eden. Tina has to admit her costly mistake. And we discuss boyband name mashups!

Christine Gibbs from St Blazey is a Big Cash Weekend Winner

9th April 2014

Big Cash Weekend Winner Christine Gibbs, with Scott Temple

A lucky St Blazey woman claimed a cool £500 in cash - just by listening to Cornwall’s Pirate FM.

Christine Gibbs was the first winner of Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekend, claiming the cash on Monday morning’s Breakfast show by correctly answered the phone with the name of that weekend’s featured artist – which was U2.

Christine already has plans for the pay-out, telling Breakfast Show presenters Neil and Tina: “I don't believe it!

“I will put the money towards a holiday”.

Christine also explained how easy it was to win the prize: “All I had to do was listen to Pirate FM over the weekend, at nine o'clock, 12 o'clock or three o'clock, identify the artists played and register online”.

Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekend returns this weekend, with another £500 up for grabs. You can find out more here.

Posted by Winners Blog at 5:09pm

Cury C.of E. Primary

9th April 2014

Cury C. of E. Primary, Cornwall
Broadcast Friday 11th April 2014

 Cury Primary


Neil & Tina spent an hour with the pupils and staff of Cury C. of E. Primary school just before they broke up for Easter Holidays.

The kids were practising their singing for their end of term play and assembly, as well as learning about the life-cycle of frogs, with a tank full of tadpoles.

The school has a fantastic Breakfast Club, and please do give the school a call on 01326 240549 if you'd like to join them for their Big Breakfast from 8.15 am to 9.30 am on Friday 25th April. Everyone is welcome.

Next term, the school will be focussing on green energy with visits to a windfarm planned and the installation of solar panels at school.

If you missed School Dinners on air - you can listen again here.


Happy Easter kids.


Neil and Tina's Signature

Neil and Tina visit Cury School

You can view more photos from the visit here

Posted by Tina at 1:33pm

Brannel students meet Westlife’s Kian Egan - Oh, and Neil and Tina!

8th April 2014

A group of year 11 students from Brannel School had an amazing end to their term last Friday (4th April) when they met Neil & Tina. Oh, and there was also some bloke called "Kian Egan" there too...

Neil and Tina catch up with The Saturdays

8th April 2014

News on Peaches Geldof's death. There is help out there for people affected by this story. Plus, Neil and Tina catch up with The Saturdays.

Biscovey Academy Crazy Cooking Challenge at Eden Project

2nd April 2014

Logo  Chough Biscovey Academy

Biscovey Academy, Cornwall
Broadcast Friday 4th April 2014


Crazy Cooking Challenge at Eden 

Biscovey Academy invited Tina to join them at The Eden Project for their Crazy Cooking Challenge.

If you missed hearing them on the radio, you can listen to how they got on.


Hope you enjoyed eating the cake!

Neil and Tina's Signature

Check out more photos from the School Dinners visit here!

Posted by Tina at 2:16pm

Pasty in a Can, and Speed limits for squirrels - Were you fooled?

1st April 2014

Were you fooled by our by our April Fools Day pranks?

Teenstar Wildcards

1st April 2014

Molly Hocking and St Ives and Emma Chamberlain from Newquay went the Teenstar regional finals. Congratulations Molly, but Emma needs your votes for a wildcard entry.


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