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September 2014

Baked Bean Madness

30th September 2014

Why did Baked Beans upset Neil this morning and we asked about fanmail

Spider madness

29th September 2014

Spiders dominated last week - and are summed up by this lovely cartoon by local cartoonist Nick Brennan!

School Dinners - St Breward

26th September 2014

St Breward Primary School

Broadcast Friday 26th September 2014

Neil and Tina Schelfie at the Pirate Lunch 


St Breward's Community Primary School invited Neil and Tina to join them with lots of other Pirates at their pirate themed school dinner.

On the menu was Pirates Pizza or Captain Crunch Chicken, served with Cannon Curly Fries, Shipwreck salad, buccaneer beans and capsize coleslaw!

Dessert was Ship Ahoy Melon or Walk the Plank Shortbread!

These monthly themed school dinners seem to hit the mark with 49 lunch-time dining pirates for lots of hungry marauding pirates who told terrible jokes!

If you missed School Dinners on air, you can listen again:


Neil and Tina catch up the enthusiastic catering team, Tracey from Aspens Catering.

And the kids enjoyed the fancy dress too ...


Arrrgghhhh me hearties - give us the grub!

Neil and Tina's Signature


Neil and Tina join the pirates at St Breward primary  Pirate Menu 


To see all the photos from the school, check out the gallery here. 

Posted by Tina at 5:27am

No doubt

26th September 2014

Just in case there's any doubt over how scared Neil Caddy was about holding the tarantula!

Neil and Tina face their fears

24th September 2014

Nicola brings in her pet Tarantula spider, Chilli into the studios

Crohn's Disease Info

23rd September 2014

Brave listener, Joanne Graham, just 18, explains Crohn's disease and how you can get some help. Find out how CICRA supports young people and families. There's a clue for the latest Secret sound and they freak you out? Neil and Tina will have a tarantula in the studio tomorrow - eek

Sharks, Pot-holes, Women on a mission and a Secret Sound Winner

16th September 2014

Today we had a Secret Sound Winner - finally! Caller Anne identified the shark on the video online - is it a Great White? And listener Peter wanted something done about the state of our roads. PLUS Tina caught up with a gang of women on tour!

Dieting and Age Gaps

15th September 2014

Tina's back from having completed her Ten Tors Challenge over her birthday. And Neil and Tina get talking about Dieting and Age Gaps.

Dirty Cash, Scrumpy and Vacuum cleaners

1st September 2014

Is it the end of the school holidays? We get chatting about the mad rush to buy high powered vacuum cleaners, dirty cash and Scrumpy, plus you can win on the 'Aaaahhhh' Factor!


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