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October 2015

Neil could be the new Milk Tray man...

22nd October 2015

Tristan entered Neil to be the next Cadbury's Milk Tray man - we help him fill in the application form

It's Back to the Future Day

21st October 2015

This is the Day Marty McFly and Doc go Back to the Future in part 2 of the film trilogy What was good and bad about the film?

Big Fat Lies

14th October 2015

Aidan Turner admits he might have exaggerated over his horse-riding skills to get the Poldark part! We asked what were your biggest lies or lies told to you - and we received some hard hitting feedback. If you need help - we list where you can find it.

Cheesy Chat up lines

13th October 2015

Apparently women like cheesy chat up lines - we asked you to share yours

Is Tina a stalker?

12th October 2015

Girls do crazy things when they have a crush ... so we find out Tina's been a stalker!

Hear Tina Catch up with Amanda Holden - plus the Bake It Off song!

8th October 2015

Tina catches up with Amanda Holden - plus the GBBO final - hear the Bake Off song again

Why is Neil sleeping with Tina on her husband's birthday?

7th October 2015

Tina's not sure how she feels about this, neither is her husband as Neil reveals he is planning on sleeping with Tina on her husband's birthday - luckily we found out its all in a good cause!


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