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February 2015

School Dinners Penrice Academy

28th February 2015

Penrice Academy

Broadcast Friday 27th February 2015

 12022015 - Year 10 Record at Pirate FM (11) The Winning Team with Scott


The students and staff of Penrice Academy came to Pirate FM to record an advert for the Careers advice week and met Neil and Tina into the bargain.  They then took over the airwaves!

If you missed School Dinners on air, you can listen again:



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Penrice Academy visit Pirate FM  Penrice Academy visit Pirate FM








To see all the photos from the school, check out the gallery here


Posted by Tina at 10:33am

2014 Local Hero Sasha Watson RIP

26th February 2015

Sad news that last year's Local Hero, Young Person of the Year, Sasha Watson, has lost her battle with liver cancer, aged just 19

Flirting Tips

24th February 2015

Neil and Tina decide to have a lesson on the art of flirting, judge for yourselves whether they're any good...

It's OSCARS day

23rd February 2015

Celebrating movie soundtrack songs all day - Tina dressed for the part but ~Neil didn't!

Ed Sheeran learns to dance

19th February 2015

Behind the scenes video

Neil's marathon is over for 2015

17th February 2015

After a training run 10 days ago, in which Neil finished the event hobbling, he's been on crutches ever since.

Yesterday, physio Aaron took a look at his injury and this was the prognosis

Sad faces... especially for CHICKS but we'll be working with them through this year - and despite the fact that Tina offered to replace Neil, or to push Neil round in a wheelchair, the security rules won't allow it, so all that can be done is defer the place until 2016.

If you feel so minded, please continue to donate to their amazing charity.


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Posted by Tina Bessell at 12:27pm

The 2015 Tossing Pancake Champion is who

17th February 2015

A dispute from 2014 was settled with egg roulette - who ended up with egg on their face? And of course it was re-match time between Neil and Tina for 2015.

Whitemoor Academy School

13th February 2015

Whitemoor Academy Primary School

Broadcast Friday 13th February 2015

 Whitemoor Academy


Tina was invited along to meet the strudent s of Whitemoor Academy who've been on a campaign to get celebrity chef Jamie Oliver along to teach then how to eat more healthily.  They're off for a viist to Fifteen soon and have been promised a surprise...

If you missed School Dinners on air, you can listen again:


The kids have been campaigning for a celebrity chef to come and visit - they tell Tina what it's all about.


The Year 6 students had a special visit to the local secondary school and enjoyed the perfomance as you'll hear above.


The School Council have been busy getting new outdoor play equipment for playtime - well, it would have been rude not to give it a go!!

And the healthy eating included making fruit salad.


Thanks everyone for sharing your school dinners with Tina.

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Jamie Tweet in the paper  whitemoor-academy-school








To see all the photos from the school, check out the gallery here


Posted by Tina at 6:56am

CHSW Rainbow Run 2015

10th February 2015

A lovely announcement today as registration opens to take part in Cornwall's Rainbow Run for 2015


10th February 2015

CrutchesAfter a week off work and some training runs under his belt, there was an expectation that Neil would be fighting fit for his marathon training, until Tina fell over Neil's crutches.

Neil explains what happened.


So, at the moment, Neil's marathon training for CHICKS is currently on pause....with 75 days still to go.

Maybe Neil could do a marathon like this man? 

Handstand marathon


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Posted by Tina Bessell at 1:22pm


10th February 2015

Tina almost fell over Neil's crutches this morning - oh dear

School Dinners Lanner Primary School

5th February 2015

Lanner Primary School

Broadcast Friday 30th January 2015

 Lanner school


Tina was invited by brothers Sam and Thomas to pay a visit to Lanner Primary School to enjoy school dinners. This was because their cousin had a school dinners visit at his school! Both boys have been nagging secretary Mrs Tucker about when the visit would take place. So Mrs Tucker wasn't surprised when she got a phonecall from Tina.

On an icy day Tina went along to meet the kids.

If you missed School Dinners on air, you can listen again:


Meet Sam and Thomas who issued the invite...


Tina meets the school council who talk about playground improvements and the year 6 girls tell us their plans for the Granny Job memorial gardens...


Finally year 6 have just done their mock SATs and tell us all about their fundraising efforts and what they want to be when they grow up!


Thanks everyone for sharing your school dinners with Tina.

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lanner  lanner


To see all the photos from the school, check out the gallery here


Posted by Tina at 9:57am

Brave 6 year old Tianna makes Cornwall cry

5th February 2015

James Dundon is covering the Breakfast show with Tristan Hunkin. In the news, we hear from brave 6 year old Tianna who saves her mum with a 999 ambulance call. This story makes Cornwall cry.

I completed a marathon

2nd February 2015

Neil's bike challengeOk, well it was on an exercise bike but at least it kept me busy (and out of trouble) on Friday's show. Thanks Tina!!

So after allowing my sore arse to have a rest yesterday it was back on with the kit today and more miles under the belt. Not wanting to talk too soon but something seemed to click today and everything felt easier! I glided OVER the muddy fields rather than dragging myself through them and I had a lot left in me even after I'd finished. I know there are lots more tiring, painful and sore training days ahead though...but as for today, I'll take it!

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Posted by Tina Bessell at 7:31am


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