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December 2018

Memorial Diamonds: A Growing Industry in the UK and Worldwide

22nd December 2018

The UK funeral industry is valued at £2 billion; consisting of companies that offer traditional services ranging from funerals, cremation and burial to memorials. However, with rise in the number of innovations in the UK today, the industry is now gravitating towards more personalized alternatives to traditional burial such as memorial diamonds from ashes. Read on for more.

When to Get Help If You Are Running Your First Business

20th December 2018

Running a business is not an easy endeavour, as it requires a good head on your shoulders and strategic planning at all times. Still, no company is ever successful as a result of a single person that is running it. Here is some advice to help things along.

A Guide To Setting Up Your Own E-commerce Store

20th December 2018

Thinking of setting up your own e-commerce store? The e-commerce industry continues to grow at an alarming rate which means that it could be a great new business venture to consider. Here are a few tips for starting your own e-commerce store and what you can do to help it be a success.

4 Tools to Streamline Every Legal Case

18th December 2018

Most professionals in the legal sector would love to increase the efficiency of their cases. Whether they do this through time management or document filing, there are many digital aids which can help with every aspect. This article will seek to improve your business’s efficiency by suggesting popular digital tools that could help you to streamline every legal case.

How to Plan the Perfect UK Holiday

4th December 2018

Travelling abroad is not always as pleasurable as it should be, especially when you’re travelling with kids. There’s the long wait at the airport, having to learn a new language, vaccinations, and currency to think about as well as the worry about local customs. The perfect alternative is a staycation and here are some tips to help ensure it’s the best holiday yet.

How to Organise the Most Peaceful Holiday for Your Family

4th December 2018

There are family holidays, and there are family holidays. Some holidays go off without any ag-gravation whatsoever, but as most families will know, there’s usually a mishap or two to tackle along the way. That’s the focus of this article, aiming to guide you through the steps you’ll need to take to glide through your holiday seamlessly from the departures lounge to the arrivals hall.


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