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November 2019

5 Ways to Feel Cosier this Winter

28th November 2019

When winter hits, you’ll no doubt want to bunker down in your home and create that hygge feeling. However, if your home isn’t energy efficient, perhaps because it’s older or hasn’t been updated recently, you may find you have to spend a fortune turning up the heat to get it cosy. Here are some ways you can make your home feel cosy without touching the thermostat.

Perks of the Swift Basecamp for travelling around the UK

26th November 2019

People are buying caravans as a travel investment, with one of the most on demand in the market being the Swift Basecamp. Popularity has continued to grow in the product, following it picking numerous awards in the last few years including earlier this year at the Lightweight Leisure Trailer awards.

6 Different Ways to Test Your Luck with Games of Chance in the UK

21st November 2019

Some of us are luckier than others. Your neighbour might win money on the lottery the first time they play, but you haven’t won anything in 10 years. But fear not because your luck can change. The more you try your luck, the more likely you are to strike it lucky. In this post, we’re going to discuss the many ways you can test your luck. You never know, this time you might actually get lucky!

Five Tips to Ensure Your Workplace is Safe

17th November 2019

While your employer has a big part to play in this, there are things you should do in order to ensure a safe environment, so here are five tips to implement inside the workplace.

England continue impressive Euro 2020 Qualification

14th November 2019

England are coming off the back of a fantastic run at the 2018 World Cup in Russia when just losing out to Croatia in the semi-finals. The side continues to progress well and now look to have a real chance of success next year....

Three Smart Ways To Invest Inheritance

6th November 2019

When you receive an inheritance from a loved one, it can be difficult to decide on the best way to spend the money and put it to good use. There are many different options available - you could use the money to purchase property, invest in stocks and shares, or use it to fund a business idea. To give you some inspiration, here are three smart ways to invest an inheritance.

How to move on after the end of a marriage

6th November 2019

Just because you put a legal stamp on your relationship doesn’t mean it was any less susceptible to not working out. Moving on can be hard, particularly if you are heartbroken. However, your life will get exponentially better; it’s just about putting yourself in the correct mindset.


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