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Increase in Online Scams: What to Look Out for and How to Avoid Them

29th May 2020

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to anybody using online services. Criminals use a variety of tricks to convince customers to hand over their cash. A number of new and unexpected scams have appeared, and Brits have lost millions to acts of fraud that could have been avoided if the victims knew what to look out for. Below are the top three rules to remember.

Argyle Hoping to Keep Hold Impressive Loanee for Another Season

29th May 2020

With Josh Grant adding some quality in midfield, and Ryan Hardie excelling in the role of super sub, Ryan Lowe's use of the loan market was key to the Pilgrim's rise up the table. However, it was goalkeeper Alex Palmer's match-winning performances which caught the eye, and Argyle fans will be desperately hoping to see the West Brom loanee back in green next season.

What is Encryption?

29th May 2020

The term encryption refers to a method of scrambling data to ensure that only parties who are granted access are able to understand it, making readable data appear completely random. Technically speaking, it is the way in which plaintext is converted into ciphertext. The process requires an encryption key, which is a set of mathematical values that all authorized parties know. Successful encryption relies upon a very complex code to ensure that it is not at risk of being decrypted by brute force.

A World Without Music? Unimaginable

14th May 2020

John Lennon may have imagined a world without possessions, but he certainly never could have envisaged a world without music. Ever since the very first use of musical instruments that may have been as long as 43,000 years ago, music has been inextricably woven into human life.

Mastering Your Video Interview: Get that Job from Home

13th May 2020

It isn’t safe to attend a real-life interview right now, and it may remain unsafe for a few more months. It is quite likely that most companies willing to recruit will be conducting interviews via video calling. The following suggestions for cracking a video interview could prove to be particularly crucial in such scenarios.

A Road Map Ahead

11th May 2020

Boris Johnson has announced the proposed road map to see the UK forward as the experts suggest we are now past the peak, that the worst of it is behind us and we may now start moving forward to clearer times ahead. The initial step laid out is to have many who were perhaps unable to work look to head back to work again - with the changing in measures some notice had been paid toward those businesses who are struggling as the hopes that these changes may start to get many back on track.

Most Expensive Private Plates in UK History

11th May 2020

Personalised and custom number plates are becoming more fashionable all the time. And some plates sell for more money than the cars they’re attached to are worth! Here’s a look at the five most expensive private number plates ever sold in the UK.

Top Movies Coming Straight To Streaming Services

11th May 2020

Streaming services are getting access to the latest, greatest movies faster than ever before, with lots of studios choosing to bypass the cinema altogether and connect with audiences immediately in their own homes. Just as you can do everything from visit a casino online to take yoga classes and learn an instrument remotely at the moment, there are ample opportunities to see new films from the comfort of your sofa.

Cornwall's Fiercest and Friendliest Tournaments

11th May 2020

There's nothing more exhilarating than the buzz of a tournament. Whether it's a game for the mind, a sports contest or something altogether sillier, it's brilliant competing against fellow fans. Whilst the competitive nature of the contestants is of course a driving factor, the element of tournaments that makes them really special is the coming together of likeminded people.

An Expert Guide on How to Live Your Best Life

8th May 2020

No matter who you are, where you live, what you do for a living, or how old you are, you deserve to live your best life. Unfortunately, you are going to be handed your dream life on a silver platter. If you really want to enjoy an existence that fulfils you in every way, you must make it happen. Go out there, grab your best life with both hands, and never let go of it! To find two things you must do to finally enjoy both the quality and standard of life that you believe you deserve, be sure to read on.

How To Use a Beard Straightener to Straighten Your Beards

6th May 2020

Beard straightening has proved to be one of the best beard grooming techniques for beard lovers. This involves using the right heated beard comb and grooming products. So, how do you go about beard straightening? Well, if you are ready to board the beard straightening train, keep reading. Here are proven beard straightening tips that can make you look classy and trendy.


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