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June 2020

4 Signs You’re Ready to Relocate

26th June 2020

If you have grown tired of the same sights, sounds and activities, you might have a desire to put your home on the market and move to a different city, town or another country altogether. However, uprooting your whole life is a big decision, and it makes perfect sense that you might hesitate to do so. If you can’t decide whether it’s the right move for you, here are four signs that you are ready to relocate.

Cornwall’s Premier League Hopes: Jack Stephens’ Fight to Beat the Drop

25th June 2020

The county of Cornwall is famous for numerous different things. That said, its development of top-flight professional footballers isn’t one. However, since breaking into the first-team setup at Southampton, Jack Stephens is demonstrating that Cornish players can succeed in the Premier League. So, let’s take a look at the 26-year-old's career, in addition to considering the prospect of future Cornish football stars playing top-flight football in the future.

Top Benefits of Indulging In Sports Betting

23rd June 2020

Sports betting is quickly becoming the newest way of making money online. According to the stats, more and more people are turning to sports betting. Easy, convenient, and cost-effective, So, why should you indulge in sports betting? Does it come with any benefits? If these are some of your biggest questions you need answering, keep reading. This guide contains the explicit benefits of sports betting.

Kameko Tops Betting To Win The 2020 Derby

22nd June 2020

The Derby at Epsom is the most prestigious horse race in Europe. This year’s contest is set to take place later than usual in July, and it should once again be a great occasion for sports fan as the best three-year-old thoroughbreds face off in Surrey.

Premier League: Harry Wilson Faces an Uncertain Future at Anfield

18th June 2020

On June 8th, it was announced that Harry Wilson will stay at Bournemouth for the remainder of the Premier League campaign. It was a sensible decision for all parties, and although the Cherries have just nine games left to play, this should allow the talented Welshman to get some more top flight minutes under his belt. However, once the current season concludes, the 23-year old will find himself back at Melwood with no guarantee of seeing any first-team action next season. With Liverpool actively looking to strengthen this summer, the Wrexham-born midfielder's future on Merseyside remains uncertain.

A Look at the Coming Innovations in Online Gaming

16th June 2020

With only a few more months until the next generation of consoles are released, it’s a very exciting time to be a gamer. When the new Xbox and PlayStation finally do hit shelves, we’re all expecting a bump in graphical standards, but despite these being the most visible aspect, they only tell a part of the story. Broadening the scope in the gaming landscape, we want to examine where the biggest innovations are coming from, and what these could mean for players.

Football Predictions: Is it Science or Hoax?

15th June 2020

In the modern world, statistics kind of rules every aspect of our daily lives from the weather forecast to share market predictions. A field where the knowledge of statistics and probability is highly revered is the predictions of football matches. While team wins apparently seem to be the only reason for the demand, another area that has due consideration in this regard is the football betting market like the German Bundesliga predictions.

Five things to do in the Scottish Highlands

11th June 2020

With the ongoing coronavirus crisis likely to heavily restrict aeroplane travel, holidays abroad might be out of the question for the time being. However, the UK hosts plenty of beautiful, historic locations for you to explore that the lure of a beach holiday might have previously led you to discount. Now is the perfect time to tick off items on your UK bucket list. With its wild, untamed beauty, the Scottish Highlands have had an enduring appeal for centuries. Here are five unmissable things for you to do whilst visiting the Highlands.

7 Wall Art Ideas To Bring Out The Best In Your Home Decor

10th June 2020

Blank walls are boring and sad. Who would want to stare at blank walls all day long? No one. But here is the good thing, decorating white walls is easy. There are thousands of possibilities when it comes to decorating walls. You can close your eyes and dream up a million ways to make them pretty. But, you need to put in time and effort to pick an idea that compliments your style and works for your space.

How Digitisation is Revitalising Older Media

8th June 2020

Digital transformation has become a very popular buzzword over the last few years, integrating itself into office meetings in a variety of sectors. However, one area in which digitisation genuinely transcends corporate linguistics is in its ability to bring older forms of media back into the spotlight, revitalising everything from music to retro video games into usable formats for a new generation. In this article, we’ll be looking at what the driving forces are behind digitisation and what impact it has had on non-natively digital media.

Add Value to Your Cornwall Home with These 5 Top Tips

5th June 2020

Buyers looking to invest in a property in Cornwall are likely to be searching for an idyllic house that matches their dreams of living by the seaside or investing in a second property near the coast. This means that the features they are looking for in a home may be different to those which may add value to a property in other parts of the country. To allow your home to sell quickly, here are some top ways that you can add value to your home in Cornwall.

5 Ways to Romantically Surprise Your Partner After Your Wedding

2nd June 2020

Your wedding day is a day full of excitement, emotion, and love, and something that you have been building up to for many months. The thought of such a wonderfully romantic day coming to an end can be disheartening, but just because it isn’t your wedding day doesn’t mean that the romance has to stop. There are many ways that you can keep the flame alight, and one such way is by surprising your newlywed with a romantic gift or two. Here are five ways you can show your partner how much you love them days, weeks, and years after your wedding.

Let’s Talk About Male Insecurities

1st June 2020

Men can feel insecure about all sorts of things, and it is important to both recognise these emotional responses as legitimate and also encourage people to talk about them openly in order to help process them in a healthy way. Here is a look at the common insecurities that impact men and the other ways the negativity can manifest itself.


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