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January 2015

Bike Challenge

31st January 2015

From 6am on Friday's Show Neil embarked on his 26.2 miles or 42.2 km to cycle the distance of London Marathon - as part of his training programme.

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25th January 2015

250115 Procrastinating

In my job, procrastinating is the worst thing you can do. Over the years it becomes the norm to 'get it done now' and 'don't put it off until tomorrow'...but as for my London marathon training - I have become the worlds greatest procrastinator!

On Friday night my excuse was 'I'm too tired', Saturday morning's was 'I'll do it later' and Saturday afternoon's was 'it would be more effective to do it in the morning'. Well, Sunday morning arrived and I finally got out there...and it was brilliant. I pounded out a few miles around Respryn and Lanhydrock. The last time I did this route I literally bumped into a deer - we both stopped, stunned at being near to each other, and exchanged eye contact for what seemed like for ever! Unfortunately Doris the Deer wasn't out today to see how my running had improved - maybe next Saturday morning. Or next Saturday afternoon. Or Sunday morning......


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Neil gets treatment

16th January 2015

Neil gets a health checkWeight gain

Have a listen to the moment that Neil finds out that actually, he is not as fit as a fiddle.


The scales read 14st 5lb this morning so not too bad compared to 6 months ago, but his blood pressure was a little high!

And it seems he needs to see a physio for his "hurty leg"  before he commences his London Marathon training in earnest - no more cheese for the overweight with high blood pressure, former athlete!

Hurty Leg

Neil makes Tina feel VERY awkward... she sits in on the physio session where physio John Horner examines Neil's hurty leg.


The bottom line is that Neil's back is OK, but he needs to stretch more, and can use dynamic stretchy tape - and whilst John recommended massage, Tina wasn't offering.



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First training run 2015

16th January 2015

I've been sweating it, not because of my training but my LACK of it! After hurting my leg just before Christmas at the CHICKS charity Santa Run the only action I've been doing (amongst other things) is shovelling food into my mouth...and lots of it - and its left me sweating it out with worry that I've not been doing anything.

But, after 3 weeks of no limping around the Pirate office the morning had arrived to try my legs out again. Now, years ago I used to run for Britain. My fastest mile time of 3mins55secs was ranked just outside the World Top 20 that year. I was sponsored by many company's over the years wanting me to wear and be seen wearing their shoes and clothing...but in 2015 they'd probably pay me to NOT be seen in it but, in my opinion, the best contract I ever had was with ASICS. Their kit was by far the best and the shoes were amazing - I've spent the weekend at my parents house and lo and behold I found some ASICS trainers bought a couple of years ago when I 'thought' about a return to running. I've given 'em a spin today...and the leg is painless (haroo!!) although I think my weight will make them wince again some time soon.

So today is a good day - a couple of miles under the belt, a bit of sweat, a bit exhausting but fingers crossed the extra stretching before and after exercise will help keep some aches and pains at bay. 

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