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Neil gets treatment

16th January 2015

Neil gets a health checkWeight gain

Have a listen to the moment that Neil finds out that actually, he is not as fit as a fiddle.


The scales read 14st 5lb this morning so not too bad compared to 6 months ago, but his blood pressure was a little high!

And it seems he needs to see a physio for his "hurty leg"  before he commences his London Marathon training in earnest - no more cheese for the overweight with high blood pressure, former athlete!

Hurty Leg

Neil makes Tina feel VERY awkward... she sits in on the physio session where physio John Horner examines Neil's hurty leg.


The bottom line is that Neil's back is OK, but he needs to stretch more, and can use dynamic stretchy tape - and whilst John recommended massage, Tina wasn't offering.



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