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School Dinners St Dominic's Primary

7th October 2014

St Dominic's CofE VA Primary School

Broadcast Friday 10th October 2014

St Dominic school sign 


Neil and Tina went to join the St Dominic's CofE VA Primary school children for a school dinners visit, on a day when they were all very busy turning the school into a kitchen!


If you missed School Dinners on air, you can listen again:

The Class 3 girls, Yasmin, Isabel and Rosie explained their harvest festival preparations using local produce of apples and honey. They'll be making soup from all the vegetables they kids bring in including pumpkin, and homemade bread with apple and honey flapjacks for dessert.


Class 2 were busy making the pizza orders that they'd taken from family members, who would be stopping by after school in their Flaming Pizza cafe - named after the Fire Alarm bell! 


The kids stopped short of making the sweets pizzas that they'd experimented with before!  Strangely banana pizzas weren't that popular!


Happy Eating kids!

Neil and Tina's Signature


St Dominic's kids make pizza

St Dominic's pizza making 


To see all the photos from the school, check out the gallery here. 

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