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World Scouting Jamboree in Japan

24th July 2015

World Scouting Jamboree in Japan

Broadcast Friday 24th July 2015


Scouts from Devon and Cornwall unite to represent the UK at the World Scouting Jamboree in Japan.  They have been working on this trip and fundraising for the past 2 years.  As they depart on their trip, they tell us all about their preparations and what they've been looking forward to.

If you missed School Dinners on air, you can listen again:

Here the scouts talk about their helpful leaders and paint a picture of their characters.

They've worked really hard to raise over £80,000 to make the trip possible and have a lot of thank yous

Here's how they're preparations are going.

Thanks Scouts for sharing your school dinners with Neil and Tina as you depart on your great adventure..

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To see some photos, check out the gallery here

More information:


The World Scout Jamboree happens every 4 years and, as you can see on the video above, it is a truly unique experience for all involved, bringing together c32,000 young people, aged between 14 & 18, from all over the globe, without the barriers of religion, sexuality, colour or politics, but with one common interest – Scouting. Today and tomorrow 27 Young People (YP) and 3 Leaders from Cornwall will be heading to Japan. These YP and Leaders are split between 2 different units with other Young People from the South West.

Unit 24 - The Woolly Pirates, comprises 9 Cornish YP & a Leader & 27 Gloucestershire YP & 3 Leaders, ie 40 in total. They leave today (23rd July) and are initially staying in Tokyo, before heading to the Jamboree itself. They then stay with families in Shizuoka before returning to Cornwall in three weeks time.

Unit 21 - SWesterSurferS, is made up of 18 Cornish & 18 Devon Youngsters and their respective Leaders. We are initially staying with Japanese families in Osaka, then the Jamboree itself, which includes visiting Hiroshima, and finally a brief stay in Tokyo.

The World Scout Jamborees are held every four years, so any Scout has just one chance to apply to go, and it is an incredible opportunity for each of the Young People who have been selected, particularly those that have never been abroad before. But it's not just the Trip to Japan as we've all had to complete a 10 camp Training Programme to prepare us... helping the Young People to master real life skills, from using Chop Sticks to Public Speaking, from cooking with unfamiliar ingredients to writing magazine reports, personal hygiene in extreme climates, hand washing cloths, learning and then teaching our fellow scouts Origami, it's a very long list..... and all of this alongside conventional education and The Fundraising - we have each needed to raise £3,500!

So after nearly 2 years of planning, training and fundraising the time has come for the Units to depart, each in their own way, but only the Leaders no the departure methods......U24 will be leaving from Nine Ashes, Washaway, Nr Bodmin, at about 4pm today & U21 from below the Tamar Bridge in Saltash, at about 4.30pm tomorrow.

However before we go, we want to let people at home in to a little secret!

Whilst the theme of the Jamboree is 'WA', meaning Unity, the 'strap line' for Unit 21 has been 'Unit 21 - divided by the Tamar, UNITED BY SCOUTING, and scones'! which has been a rather powerful message, particularly as most Scouting Counties tend to work autonomously...

On the 2nd August the whole Jamboree site (about 32,000 people!) will be transformed in to one massive Cultural Festival, with every Unit attempting to portray something of their heritage. Given the make up of Unit 21, and in particular our 'strap line', our Young People are now expert Scone Bakers and are looking forward to introducing Cream Teas to the Jamboree Site. With some amazing help from Rodda's we will be serving genuine Cornish Cream with our Cream Teas 6,000 miles away! but it goes a bit further as here in Cornwall (and Devon), local Scout Groups, their families and supporters will also be enjoying a cream tea on the same day, which we will be giving out at the departure events….. one big virtual Cream Tea Party joining the Jamboree in Japan to Cornwall (and Devon). We will be posting photos on facebook etc from Japan and will be happy to email them to you as well and will also be asking our supports and families etc to post their photos on either the Kernow WSJ 2015 or SWestertSurferS facebook pages.

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