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Real people ... Real singing

29th April 2014

We're not sure if we should applaud, or cringe?  You decide!

Posted by Tina at 5:25am

Hilarious Flight Attendant

22nd April 2014

You might need to watch a few times, as she speaks so fast...but its very funny!

Posted by Tina at 5:14am

Ghost Car

19th April 2014

In almost 'Back to the Future' like wierdness, a car appears out of nowhere and causes an accident - and no, it wasn't Tina driving!

Posted by Tina at 7:25am

Why you should always keep an eye on your children in an arcade

17th April 2014

"Where's your sister? Oh, she's INSIDE that arcade machine!"

Another reason why you need to keep an eye on your kids at the arcade...


Posted by Matt Bunt at 9:03am

Cute Penguin

14th February 2014

We all want a friend like this...

Posted by Tina at 1:56pm

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