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Adam Giles wins £200!

28th May 2014

Cornish Mutual Winner

Adam Giles from Falmouth won £200 thanks to Cornish Mutural! He correctly guesses how much you should insure the contents of the Cornish Mutural kitchen for.

The lucky winner plans to spend the money on a weekend visit to Twickenham to watch the Cornwall take on Lancashire for the second time in a bid to win the Rugby County Championship. 


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Glenys Bennett from Devoran wins £500!

15th May 2014

Glenys Bennett - Big Cash Weekends

Every weekend we've been asking you to listen to the radio, and register online with the name of the artist that we played after 9am miday, and 3pm every Saturday and Sunday. Then, all you need to do if you phone rings after 7:30am, is to answer the phone with the name of the artist, which this weekend was Queen. 

James Dundon made the call, our first caller did not answer after five rings. So, lucky caller number two was Glenys Bennett, from Devoran who takes away £500 in cash!

There are two more chances to win. To find out more, click here

Practise nurse Glenys is a long time listener of Pirate FM, but this is the first time she's entered and won anything. Delighted, she plans a short break in the summer, which she thought she couldn't afford. What a way to start the week! 

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Karen Robins wins £500 in cash - just by listening to Pirate FM!

24th April 2014

Big Cash Weekend Winner - Karen Robins

A Grandmother from St. Austell became our latest £500 cash winner - just by listening to Pirate FM!

Karen Robins calimed the cash as part of the station's "Big Cash Weekends", where she had to identify that weekend's featured artist - and answer the phone with the artist name when Neil and Tina rang during the breakfast show on Tuesday morning.

After a few rings, it sounded like no-one was going to asnwer the phone, and Neil and Tina were preparing to move onto the next winner. However, just as they were about to give up, Karen answered the phone and declared "Madonna" - winning the money.

Chatting afterwards, Karen revealed that the delay was due to a mad dash for the phone downstairs.

Karen now plans to spend the cash when her and the family travel to Spain next month.

Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekend returns this weekend, with another £500 up for grabs. You can find out more here.

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Zoe Barber grabs a grand!

24th April 2014

£1000 minute winner Zoe Barber

Zoe Barber was on her way to a pretty mundane training course in Truro - but her day got a million times better after claiming a grand courtesy of Cornwall's Pirate FM.

Zoe tried her luck at the competition, where she correctly answered ten general knowledge questions in 60 seconds. However, many would say that her knowledge of the greatest hits of Hear'Say helped her win the cash, as the now-dufunct, and largely-forgotten band featured in one of the questions.

The £1,000 minute gives you the chance to win cash every single weekday morning with Neil and Tina. Find out more online here.

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Debbie from Wadebridge shares her £500 Big Cash Weekend winnings with her best friend

17th April 2014

Debbie Oxby Big Cash Weekend Winner

A generous listener from Wadebridge has claimed £500 courtesy of Pirate FM - revealing that she is going to share the cash.

Debbie Oxby is the latest winner on Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekends, claiming the money with Neil & Tina on Monday morning's Breakfast show.

Debbie told Pirate FM that she plans to share the £500 with her neighbour Pat Moss who also entered the competition. Wouldn’t we all love neighbours like that!

She correctly answered the phone with this weekend’s big cash artist – Robbie Williams.

Pirate FM fan Debbie explained exactly how easy it is to win the cash “I listened to the song after 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock and registered online and won the money”.

Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekend returns this weekend, with another £500 up for grabs. You can find out more here.

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