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Christine Gibbs from St Blazey is a Big Cash Weekend Winner

9th April 2014

Big Cash Weekend Winner Christine Gibbs, with Scott Temple

A lucky St Blazey woman claimed a cool £500 in cash - just by listening to Cornwall’s Pirate FM.

Christine Gibbs was the first winner of Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekend, claiming the cash on Monday morning’s Breakfast show by correctly answered the phone with the name of that weekend’s featured artist – which was U2.

Christine already has plans for the pay-out, telling Breakfast Show presenters Neil and Tina: “I don't believe it!

“I will put the money towards a holiday”.

Christine also explained how easy it was to win the prize: “All I had to do was listen to Pirate FM over the weekend, at nine o'clock, 12 o'clock or three o'clock, identify the artists played and register online”.

Pirate FM’s Big Cash Weekend returns this weekend, with another £500 up for grabs. You can find out more here.

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Anita Cowling from Nanstallon wins Secret Sound Cash

27th March 2014

Anita Cowling - Secret Sound Winner March 2014

A mum from from Nanstallon claimed £300 in cash, after correctly guessing Cornwall's Secret Sound!

Anita came into Pirate FM with her son to collect her prize from James Dundon, after she correctly guessed that the elusive sound was of someone plugging a USB flash drive into a computer.

Well done Anita! There's more chances to win with Cornwall's brand new Secret Sound, which you can hear every weekday at 7:20am with Neil & Tina at Breakfast. Click here for more details. 

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Clever-clogs Tate claims a grand!

25th March 2014

Tate Richardson, £1,000 Minute Winner

A College Lecturer from Mevagissey is celebrating, after scooping a cool £1,000 on a popular radio competition.

Tate Richardson was picked at random to play Pirate FM's "£1,000 Minute", where he was challenged to answer 10 general knowledge questions in 60 seconds.

After breezing through the answers in record time, Tate was then given the option to double his money - all he had to do was answer one more to claim £2,000.

However, he decided to stick with his new-found wealth - walking away with a well-earned grand.

Speaking afterwards, Tate said: "It feels incredible - great privilege to be the first winner of 2014"

"I'm looking forward to a couple of stressful free months - my wife is certainly delighted also!"

The £1,000 Minute is part of Neil & Tina at Breakfast, and is played after 8am every weekday morning. More details can be found here.

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Pirate FM Listeners rally around flood-hit Chacewater family

17th January 2014

Flood Family
The kindness and generosity of a local family has helped a mother and children they didn’t even know, in their time of need.
Carly Lobb from Chacewater and her family were shocked on new Years’ Day to find that their house had been flooded – for the second time in less that a year.
The water included sewage, which ruined the kitchen and all it’s appliances. Also, most heartbreakingly, it ruined the Christmas presents of her children Rhys (7), Kian (3) and Freya (7 months).
Pirate FM received a phone call from Carly's sister, who told Breakfast Show presenters Neil and Tina about the situation – and revealed that because of a flood last year, they were unable to get insurance, meaning that all of the ruined items weren’t covered.
Listening to her story on the radio, was Tabitha Hoskin from Mawgan and her children Kitty (5) and Samuel (3).
“The children just said to me, we’d like to give those children our Christmas presents” said Tabitha. 
"So I thought, well, if they can do that, then I must be able to do something to help them too.”
Tabitha decided to take on a mammoth mission, approaching businesses in the area to help replace the lost items, and refurbish the house after the devastating flood.
So many businesses had heard about Carly and her family on Pirate FM, that they were more than happy to help them out when approached – donating over £600 of items to the family to help them get back on their feet.
“We would just like to thank Pirate FM for their kindness, and all the businesses who have donated to my family.” said Carly.
"Also to the kind people out there who have helped, especially Kitty and Samuel - two special little children."
Tina Bessell from the Breakfast Show said: “We must say a huge thank you to Tabitha and her family for their selfless efforts to help another family in need, as well as all the contributors.
"Since hearing about it, more listeners have got in contact with us with offers of furniture, kitchen appliances and anything else the family might need. 
"We live in the most amazing place in the world, with the most amazing people who are happy to support their community in times of need. It’s a real privilege to have been a part of this heartwarming story."

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Louise Brill from Porth is our latest Secret Sound Winner

9th January 2014

Louise Brill - Secret Sound Winner 2014

Louise Brill from Porth became our latest big money winner, claiming £200 on Cornwall's Secret Sound!

She correctly guessed that our even easier Secret Sound, was the noise of someone feeding the dental floss out of a container.

Well done Louise. Here she is pictured collecting the cash from Pirate FM's studios in Cornwall, with Neil and Tina.

You could be our next winner! Check out the wrong answers to our latest Secret Sound here now!

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