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Win Christmas Winners

14th January 2013

Pirate FM invited listeners to tell us why they should 'Win Christmas 2012' to be in with a change to take home an amazing prize pack.  We had hundreds of entries.

Our winner, Dawn Pickett from Liskeard, was chosen at random and was delighted when she learned she had been chosen as our winner.

Newsletter picture win Christmas winnersListen to the moment she was called by Neil and Tina on the Breakfast show.


And early in January 2013, Tina Bessell spoke to Dawn, to find out how their Win Christmas prize had changed their lives.

Listen here:

  Dawn Pickett's winning entry was as follows:

" I'm not naive I know their[sic] are people worse off than us, I count my blessings everyday that I have a roof over my head, an amazing partner and 4 beautiful daughters. However 2012 has been so cruel and as a result we are struggling to even feed and clothe our children let alone have Christmas and my children who are 9,7,5,3 have been fab about it all they understand there is no money for Christmas this year and have said they only thing they want is "warmer pyjamas."

It all started in February when I was being bullied at work I went to my boss who refused to do anything and things got so bad I was forced to leave my job. Since then I've struggled to find work I'm on the highest dose of anti depressants possible and under going counselling for what happened.

We could not afford the repayment mortgage on our family home and the mortgage company refused to change us to an interest only plan we were forced into rented when they started repossession proceedings however a buyer came in last minute but we still ended up selling the house at a loss so were made bankrupt in June. This became a problem when we looked to move last month as the house we rent is so damp, drafty and costs so much to heat but found we couldn't because no letting agent will rent to us as we don't pass credit checks and private rents are very few and far between.

In May we sold our family car and bought a Camper so that we could give the children a few nights away over the summer. We made the decision to sell the Camper to pay for Christmas and help with food and clothes we expected to get £1500 for it. A professional came to look at it and pointed out the head gaskett had gone and that someone had put sealer in it to keep it running that bit longer and were lucky in the 6 months we had it that it hadn't gone bang already. The van was worth no more than £150 scrap value. All our dreams were shattered we contacted ebay and the person we bought it from but as the sale was 6 months ago they weren't interested. We now only have one car a Ford Ka which seats 4 and we have to cram 6 of us into it to go anywhere as a family.

An lastly in October I was diagnosed with diabetes I just thought I would be told to eat more healthily and do more exercise however it is believed I've had it since developing gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy which was 3 years ago. Thus it's a bit more serious than expected I take medication for the diabetes, medication for high blood pressure, there are issues with my kidney function, my eyesight and feet. An the stress on us as a family right now is so intense that we deserve a break and that is why we deserve to win Christmas. "

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