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Interview at National Marine Aquarium

27th March 2014

skark all

This week with Neil & Tina I went along to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth to chat to the Managing Director and have a sneak speak behind the scenes where they feed the fish.

Listen to the full interview at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth below. We were about 10 feet away from one of the most feared creatures in the ocean, the shark.

Dr David Gibson allowed us to get up close and personal with some of the fish in the tank allowing us to feed them and get an insight into the way their minds work.

Also check out Neil's #SharkSelfie here.


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Apprenticeship Visits

26th February 2014

This week along with Neil and Tina we went to Arcol Engineering in Threemilestone, Truro and Inkfish Hair & Beauty Salon in Truro. Both businesses have apprentices working part of the Cornwall College Business Apprenticeship scheme

We got a real insight into what the apprentices do at both businesses as well as trying our hand at some of the everyday tasks they will be asked to complete. 

Also this week, with a little help from Vikki, I put together 220 promotional bags ready for the upcoming Expowest Show, that took a while. This was the finished product:

Expowest Show

Listen to the clip from Arcol Enternaring below:


Tina's not afraid to give it a go:

Tina at Arcal















Listen to the clip from Ink Fish below:


Apprentice Jade gets her hair washed by Neil Caddy:

Inkfish Salon

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First week finished

22nd February 2014

So that is the first week of my apprenticeship finished. I've had a really enjoyable week, met and worked with some fantastic people and settled in really well. I've got to know how some of my main tasks work, such as updating the Pirate FM Jobspot and the Voucher Shop section on the website. 

As well as updating some of the key parts of the website, I'm now in charge of most of the content that gets put on Twitter, follow us @PirateFM, this is a very important job for me. I've also been passing on some good leads onto the sales team. 

I'm really looking forward to my second week at the station, I have a few important meetings going on next week and I'm looking forward to going out with Neil & Tina on Wednesday conducting some interviews. 

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The big first day.

17th February 2014

Hi, I'm Ollie the new Pirate FM Digital Services & Sales Co-ordinator apprentice. I have a huge passion for radio and digital services. Within my new role at Cornwall's Pirate FM I will be working alongside the Digital Media and Sales Team to improve and manage the products Pirate FM provide to its clients.

The day I have been looking forward too finally arrived on Monday 17th February. The day started with me spending some time with Neil and Tina in the studio and editing audio to go out later in the day. I was greeted with a Pirate FM tradition of receiving a cake and an introduction to everyone in the team. I say greeted with a cake... a cake that was given to me to share with everyone!

I then spent much of the day getting to know how everything at Pirate FM works and starting to work on some of my day-to-day tasks I will be asked to complete each day. 


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